Jane Herr Desrosiers' New Book "Gone Fishing: The Hook" is an Engaging Story of a Young Journalist in the 70's Who Happens Upon the Story of a Lifetime in Rural Maine.

Jane Herr Desrosiers, a retired healthcare information manager, has completed her most recent book “Gone Fishing: The Hook”:  a witty and captivating tale of a young woman who yearns for more than what life has handed to her.  With dreams of capturing newspaper glory fading into the past, she happens to stumble into the scoop of a lifetime.

Jane says that her love of outdoor life coupled with her sense of humor have brought her first book of the Gone Fishing trilogy to the public eye. She shares that, “Gone Fishing started as a series of newsletters, Fishing Weekly, which became wildly popular with friends and fellow fishermen who demanded more.”

Published by Fulton Books, Jane Herr Desrosiers’ book transports the reader to 1973, where Ethel Koontz is impatient to begin a career as a newspaper reporter far away from her tiny fishing village of Piney Bluffs, Maine. Raised by her father, Eddy, since her mother died in childbirth, Ethel always wondered if she inherited her independent spirit from the mother she never knew.

Ethel strains against the warm confines of her father, Miss Ruthie and her confection-filled bakery, Andy the creator of blue plate specials at the diner, and Caleb, the editor of the Piney Bluffs Bugle who dangles the bait of a job to make her stay in town. None of these lures can hook Ethel until a faraway stranger arrives for her best friend’s wedding and makes Piney Bluffs his home and Ethel his wife. She resigns herself to the job at The Bugle but, with her investigative nature, nets a local story worthy of big-time journalism, one that threatens to change the very character of the town. She strips the facade of fishing celebrity Norman Williams to reveal his predator motives. It will take all the people of Piney Bluffs and a host of others to reel in Norman to justice and restore peace to Piney Bluffs.

Readers who wish to experience this delightfully engaging work can purchase “Gone Fishing: The Hook” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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