Jan Berkowitz and Wade Nodine

A small group of friends from Concord, New Hampshire, started dedicating their time to restoring the playground of their childhood, the local park.

The two friends started a new fundraiser with the goal of adding a new pathway, a ball game court, a trim-trail, and outdoor gym equipment to the park.

By doing so, they hope to attract members of the local community of any age to the park with sources of entertainment as well as space where they can work out for free using the gym equipment.

This is the second time Jan Berkowitz and Wade Nodine are implicated in raising funds to improve the local park. In 2016, they managed to raise enough money to create a new playground for children, and this year they want to help everyone enjoy the park.

The goal is to bring more entertainment sources and help the community members become more active by spending more time outdoors.

While they are proud of their past achievements, they now want to attract adults to the park too, and they plan to use a poll to ask donors what kind of changes they would like to see.

Jan Berkowitz shares what made him start the fundraising in the first place:

"We spent so much of our time in the park growing up, and we want other people to enjoy it as much as we did. We are making huge efforts to make this vision a reality, and we're so happy to see how engaged the community is. We would love to see an outdoor fitness center, a nice pathway for strollers, a trim-trail for older kids, and more."

Wade Nodine also shares his motivation on why the fundraising is so important for the community as a whole:

"What we want to do is make sure that the whole community is able to enjoy this fantastic space, and not just the under 12s, which is what the playground currently offers. We don't know exactly how much money we will need because it will all depend on what people would want to be added to the park. If we raised enough funds, we will just do it all. The park has space, so why not?"

The locals are quite impressed with the amount of effort that is being put into the fundraising as well as the noble goals of the young men who started it.

Even though the fundraiser is in its early stages, it has already received a lot of support. A number of residents, local business owners, and associations have decided to contribute to the fundraising too.

Some in the form of financial contributions and others by providing equipment at discounted prices.

One of the locals shared his opinion on the fundraising:

"The park is such a beautiful space, but it has been left to rot over recent years, and we all feel it is such a shame. It is so inspiring to see three young men pull together and rile up the community to take back ownership of the park. I'm sure they will do great."

For now, the donors to the cause are more interested in an outdoor gym that might help them stay in shape while saving money on a gym membership.

The park is owned by the local government, and while the authorities don't have enough funds to contribute to the fundraising, they do their best to reduce the costs of permits and codes that will allow the construction to take place.

The people behind the fundraiser hope that they will get even more attention and feedback at the next village fair, where they will present their plan and vision and hopefully get even more community members interested in the project.

Source: Wade Nodine

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