Jamie Foxx on CampusSports.net Gives Doc Rivers Impression, Tells Amazing Tyson Story and Much more.."

Campus Sports.net interviews entertainment star Jamie Foxx discusses his favorite athletes and why he still mentors young athletes. Foxx also speaks on his breakout role in "Any Given Sunday," and whether his Oscar or Grammy is his favorite.


 http://www.campussports.net caught up with entertainment superstar Jamie Foxx for the latest episode of the online web series,” Time Out,”

"Don't miss the opportunity to be great," "Your not an actor" "No young athletes have a chance anymore, more blood thirsty than ever" "Sit still, get grown, and don't miss the opportunity."

Jamie Foxx, Actor, Performer, Producer,Oscar and Grammy Winner.

Foxx discussed his work with the Global Down Syndrome Foundation while sharing his amazing stories from his time in entertainment and his high school football career - along with his love for the SMU Football Program.

Jamie Foxx was a great Texas athlete in high school basketball, track and football. Foxx was the first high school quarterback in his high school to pass over 1000 yards. Foxx said, “growing up he looked up to SMU’s ‘Pony Express,’ which included Craig James, Bobby Leach, and Eric Dickerson.”  

Jamie Foxx discusses his favorite athletes and why he still mentors young athletes. Foxx said, “ his quarterback idols ranged from Griece, to Dan Marino.”

Campus Sports.net discussed his connection with his sister and the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. “She was never treated different in our house my mom always made sure she was in regular classes growing up,” Foxx said. Quincy Jones foundation the Global Down Syndrome Foundation met in Denver this year she became the spokesperson gaining awareness for the everyday struggles.

Jamie Foxx continues the interview on Campus Sports.net discussing his break out role in the movie “Any Given Sunday,” and how Oliver Stone told him he was not a good actor until he proved Stone he could act.

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