James Pepper Rutland and MMR Joins Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center as Corporate Partner

James Pepper Rutland is the Founder and CEO of MMR, the largest privately-owned merit shop electrical and instrumentation contractor in the U.S.

James B. Pepper Rutland is the Founder and CEO of MMR Group.  MMR currently holds the title of the largest privately-owned merit shop electrical and instrumentation contractor in the United States.

Pepper Rutland has always been an avid philanthropist, but recently he has expanded his outreach to the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center as well. Pepper and the team at MMR joined in corporate sponsorship in order to increase awareness around early detection and prevention of cancer. 

Pepper Rutland and MMR are not only providing the highest level service to their customers, but they are also supporting the Baton Rouge community with their philanthropic endeavors.

MMR President and CEO James Pepper Rutland has decided to partner with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in order to increase cancer awareness for the company’s employees and the community at large.  They are doing so by holding events focused on early detection and prevention.

“We all have family and friends who have been touched by cancer, and MMR is dedicated to ensuring our community’s cancer center continues to provide the best technology, expert physicians, support staff and early detection and outreach services to those impacted by the disease,” said Rutland.

The company’s corporate sponsorship includes expansion to the cancer unit and advanced cancer care at the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. In addition, MMR has provided an enhanced benefit to its employees through the Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center’s Prevention on the Go – Workplace program.  The program provides free, on-site cancer screenings and education classes to MMR’s employees which, as Rutland says, “makes it so easy, you can’t say no.”

Under Rutland’s guidance in 2018, MMR was one of the first companies to participate in the Workplace program with 135 of MMR’s employees screened for oral and skin cancers  – nine of those with abnormal findings. MMR has since increased its participation by extending the program to other offices in Louisiana and adding breast cancer as an additional screening.

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, MMR hosted a lunch ‘n’ learn October 15, where MMR Corporate Counsel/EEO Officer Holly Hollis Stars shared her inspirational cancer journey with over 80 of MMR’s employees, and Dr. Mindy Bowie, a breast surgical oncologist, led a seminar focusing on breast health and breast cancer prevention. Throughout the week, employees will participate in various activities to further the cause, including writing postcards to breast cancer patients at Mary Bird Perkins, and receiving a clinical breast exam on Friday.

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