Jamal Watters, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, "Keeps It Real" on Relationships in His Stylishly Hip and Insightful New Book, Just Keepin' It Real, Ladies

OAKLAND, CA native, Jamal Watters pulls no punches with his refreshing and witty approach to telling it like it is in his book, Just Keepin' It Real, Ladies. As a licensed therapist, Jamal draws from his experience counseling couples and combines this with insight from real life experiences and being married seventeen years. He breaks down relationships in a way that is relatable and empowering.

Readers that are single and wanting to find a good man or woman, or already in a relationship and wanting to strengthen their relationship, will appreciate the "back to basics" theories and concepts in Just Keepin' It Real, Ladies.  Book is available on Amazon in print and Kindle version. You can also find book at Marcus and Laurel book stores in Oakland, Ca. If you would like more information about Just Keepin' It Real, Ladies or to schedule an interview with Mr. Watters, please call the Author direct at 510-847-3500 or email jwatters572@gmail.com.

"Healthy Relationships Equal Healthy Families"

Jamal Watters, Author

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