Jacques Polanco Explores Personal Energy and Confidence in New Book on Amazon.com

Jacques covers the A - Z of Alternative Medicine including Acupressure & Acupuncture, Exercise, Holistic Medicine, Homeopathy, Massage, Meridians, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Respiratory Techniques, plus Stress Management.

Lahyt Books, today released their first manual on healthy living by celebrated author Jacques Polanco. Join artist and author of The Art of Living Series Jacques Polanco for this comprehensive guide to forging your own path in healthy living and boosting self-confidence.

Holistic + Alternative Medicine simplified.

Jacques Polanco grew up in a big medical family. Now he taps that experience in the first of a planned series of books called The Art of Living series. The book is entitled "ENERGIZE: 60 SECONDS TO BOOST YOUR ENERGY NATURALLY" and is written from the perspective of re-discovering simple fundamentals for healthy living.

Jacques drew from his many experiences growing up as a skinny low-energy kid. Behind every strong body is a sound elegant system, but many individuals lack the resources and knowledge required to build an elegant plan that makes their presence stand out in the crowd and boost your self-esteem.

Jacques also was attracted to finding ways to put on healthy weight and more energy for simple tasks. Jacques will cover building a simple system, creating a framework for healthy living, and maintaining your body for longevity.

The Art of Living series will explore simple mind shift into living a more productive and confident life. If you want a strong foundation in these essential tools, Jacques Polanco and The Art of Living Series will give you a practical, proven approach to maintaining and implementing the classic plan your body needs to ENERGIZE daily.

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