Jacque the Hot Tub Lady Releases a New Book, Hot Tub Clarity

An Easy Guide for New and Frustrated Hot Tub Owners.

Hot Tub Clarity

Jacque The Hot Tub Lady has released a new book, Hot Tub Clarity. In easy-to-understand language, the book covers the main sanitizer options for consumers: chlorine, Frog @ease, and saltwater hot tubs. The book is available on Amazon. For a full media kit, please check the link here.

The hot tub industry saw a surge in sales during the pandemic as Americans looked for ways to social distance themselves and relax; the industry is still on a rise. Jacque The Hot Tub Lady provides helpful insights to new and frustrated hot tub owners in her new book, Hot Tub Clarity. This book is a must-read for anyone considering purchasing or who already owns a hot tub. It's available in ebook, paperback, and audio formats on Amazon now. For a full media kit, please check the link here. 

About The Hot Tub Lady

Jacque The Hot Tub Lady has been helping hot tub owners get the absolute best hot tub experience out of their hot tub since 2003. Jacque is known for her entertaining and informative tone of voice, which can be heard on her YouTube channel, The Hot Tub Lady, and podcast Tub Talk with The Hot Tub Lady. She aims to help customers to "keep making life epic" with her new book Hot Tub Clarity. In her retail store, she provides customers with proven hot tub systems that will make their experience unforgettable. Her goal is to help customers become a "Happy Hot Tubber".

Name: Jacque Johnson

Phone: 605-553-2001

Email: jacque@thehottublady.co

Web:  www.thehottublady.co

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The Hot Tub Lady has been selling hot tubs since 2003 with several thousand customers. Jacque, the owner, began educating her customers and soon became an expert on all things hot tub. She started a successful YouTube channel, popular blog, and Instagram pages and is now the author of the new book "Hot Tub Clarity." Her new website will help thousands more navigate the cloudy waters of hot tub ownership. Jacque's mission is to educate people about hot tubs so they can make informed decisions about what's best for them. Helping you become a "Happy Hot Tubber"

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