J T Milford Announces the New Edition Release of His Poetry Book: 'EVOCATION, to Love, to Hope, to Dream'

J T Milford announces the new edition release of his poetry book, "EVOCATION, To Love, To Hope, To Dream." (Genre: inspirational and religious.) These poems invite the reader to explore the abandonment of the ordinary for a spiritual quest.

"'EVOCATION: To Love, To Hope, To Dream' by J T Milford is an engaging collection of poetry that revolves around the themes of past and current times, life in South Louisiana, music, war or peace, marriage, hidden things, and death. The poems look at the nuances, complexities, and fragilities of life and the accompanying emotions in an introspective way, making the poet's thoughts and feelings tangible to readers. The poems are evocative and the excellent wordplay weaves human emotions, thoughts, and feelings into the changing moods of the seasons, and makes the poems exquisite in their imagery. Love, loss, longing, and the other intricacies that define life have been dealt with aesthetically in this collection, making it a delight to all poetry lovers." - from a review by Mamta Madhavan, Reviewer

J T Milford was born on Sept. 1, 1929, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, his birthplace and uses his life there as background for his poetry. He practiced public accounting as a CPA for 40 years.

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EVOCATION books and e-books are available at evocation1.com, Bookbaby, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine bookstores.

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