J. Larry Simpson I's New Book 'No Excuses: The True Life Adventures of a Little Trailer Boy' is a Riveting Memoir of the Author's Youthful Adventures That Defined Him and Gave Purpose in His Life

J. Larry Simpson I, a dedicated writer, a worker in the hearing aid business, and a pastor who graduated from Memphis State University with a bachelor’s in political science and secondary education as well as a master’s degree in theology and a three-year program from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, has completed his most recent book “No Excuses”: an enthralling account of the author’s awe-inspiring journey across America that brims with youthfulness and passion.

Simpson writes, “‘No Excuses’ is the true story of a boy traveling across America with his family and their fifty-foot-long trailer full of adventures in the 1950s.

"Going to fifteen schools, in ten states, and twenty-four moves, Larry ventured his life from adventure to adventure.

"From the ‘Muscadine highway’ to ‘the runaway tractor,’ the trailer boy lived thrilling escapades.

"You will become part of this soul-stirring journey from Gallatin to the Mojave Desert or dancing at the Black Hawk Grill.

"The author bids you to join him in the ’53 Ford, descending the wicked Sitgreaves Pass pushed by the sixteen thousand pounds of the Simpson’s home on wheels. Travel with the ‘kid’ as he makes his own and others’ lives a ‘gala affair.’

"High-thrilling adventure awaits you with joy and tears from this one blessed life.

"The trailer boy’s inspiring story will move you to live your only life fully without excuses.”

Published by Fulton Books, J. Larry Simpson I’s book describes the real-life thrills of a young man in search of his destiny and striving to fulfill it with great effort and faith.

This book retells the author’s no-holds-barred life of endeavor and travel across America as he lives to his desire that emanates with inspiration and grace.

Readers who wish to experience this captivating work can purchase “No Excuses: The True Life Adventures of a Little Trailer Boy” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble.

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