J. Eileen's New Book 'A Dream Comes True' is an Astonishing Fable About Compassion and Hospitality

J. Eileen, an animal lover who grew up on an acreage in central Iowa, has completed her most recent book "A Dream Comes True":  a captivating tale that features a cat and his owner, a sympathetic woman living in a cozy apartment in Oklahoma City.

Eileen writes, "It all begins when Miss Katy Williamson who has short blonde hair, blue eyes, and stands 5 foot 8 1/2 inches tall, finds a small kitten sitting on a large rock under a wooden walking bridge in a park. Miss Katy has a caring heart for animals, children, and adults of all ages. She cares for the kitten and names it 'Chester.' Miss Katy finds that Chester is a 'Maine Coon Cat' because of the mark of the letter 'M' on his forehead and the tufted hairs inside his ears. Residing at a small apartment in Oklahoma City with Miss Katy, the kitten becomes full grown and is 24 ½ inches long. Chester constantly has the same dream where he sees a beautiful place with luscious green grass, tall trees, birds singing beautiful music, and an animal with a bushy tail drinking cool water from a slow-flowing river.

Will Chester's dream come true?

If Chester's dream should come true what other exciting things await for Chester and Miss Katy!"

Published by Fulton Books, J. Eileen's book is an educational read that emphasizes on the value of generosity towards strangers.

This compelling publication can be used as a tool to teach children good moral values that will sharpen them into a competent member of society.

Readers who wish to experience this charming and insightful work can purchase "A Dream Comes True" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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