J. B. Millhollin's New Book "Forever Bound" is a Legal Drama That Finds an Attorney Torn Between What is Legal and What is Ethical as a Man's Freedom Hangs in the Balance

J. B. Millhollin, a trial attorney and author of five published novels, has completed his most recent book “Forever Bound”: a gripping and unpredictable story concerning a gifted attorney, who finds herself embroiled in a complicated tangle of legal and ethical issues.

J. B. says that he writes daily and draws heavily upon his four decades of trial experience.  “My next novel, “Redirect”, also focuses upon issues within the courtroom and should be available next year.”

Published by Fulton Books, J. B. Millhollin’s book details the toils and trials of Rosa Norway, a gifted criminal defense attorney.  Rosa had represented criminal defendants throughout middle Tennessee, and used every trick in the book to ensure her clients were exonerated. But when Angelo Bonaventura retains her to represent him after he had been charged with murder, and she eventually concludes he was in fact guilty, suddenly her position is unclear. She had represented him many times as concerned other matters, but always concluded he was innocent. This time was different. The murder he committed hit close to home—the victim was a friend. She quickly becomes involved in a complicated mixture of legal and ethical issues, to which there seemed to be no clear-cut answer.

Rosa must decide whether to withdraw from further representation and perhaps see Angelo set free or continue to represent him while violating the canons of ethics, but ensuring a conviction. Clearly, one path was morally correct, but ethically incorrect, the other path morally incorrect, but ethically correct. How she arrives at a conclusion concerning the problem, and which path she ultimately followed, is completely unpredictable.

Readers who wish to experience this thrilling work can purchase “Forever Bound” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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