IXG's Smart City Landscape 2015 Held Successfully on 10- 11 September 2015 in New Delhi.

The summit organized by IXG put across the challenges, opportunities, enablers and deterrents of various industry sub segments to find out viable solutions of developing a Smart City.

Smart City Landscape 2015 was held at The Imperial in New Delhi on 10- 11 September 2015, featuring the leading stakeholders, thought leaders and subject experts on smart city development in India. The summit organized by Information Exchange Group (IXG) put across the challenges, opportunities, enablers and deterrents of various industry sub segments to find out industry drivers, enablers, deterrents and viable solutions to the pertinent challenges of developing a Smart City and its allied industry’s value chain.  

During the two days of the conference, the attendees experienced interactive panel discussions, speed-networking sessions, fire side chats and engaging presentations addressing the key challenges and visions of the smart city development in India.

Day 1 Highlights:

The conference was inaugurated by Dr. M Ramachandran, Former Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development; Mr. Stephen Hilton, Director-Future Groups, Bristol City Council; and Smt. Shakuntala Bharti- Aligarh Municipal Corporation Mayor. PwC- the knowledge partners for the event-unveiled a white paper- ‘Connecting the Dots- Smart and sustainable cities’.

The key addresses delivered on day one included a special address on ensuring the sustainability of smart buildings by Dr. Vatsal Bhatt, Director, United States Green Building Council and a case study on European concepts for Smart, Sustainable and Livable Cities by Ms. Henriette Faergemann, First Counsellor - Environment, Energy, Climate Change, Delegation of the European Union to India.

The day also witnessed traffic experts coming together to discuss about the probable solutions of effectively managing the ever increasing traffic, parking problems and road safety management. The session received the keynote address from Sh. Sandeep Goel, Joint Commissioner-Traffic, Delhi Police. Central Road Research Institute, CEN & CENLEC Management Centre, Brussels and PTV Group presented their expertise and thoughts upon making the city transportation smarter.

The session also witnessed a special E-Address from Mr. Vincent Neumayer, Project Manager, City of Vienna. He shared the insights about successfully implementing programme in City of Vienna on Public Transportation.

Day 2 Highlights:

The second day of the conference witnessed the fire side chats upon topics including benchmarking the standards of Indian Smart Cities and smart governance programme. The session was designed in a format of an interview chaired and conducted by Mr. NSN Murty, Director and Smart Cities Leader, PwC. He asked direct questions on the topics of benchmarking and e-governance to the panelists including Mr. B K Sinha, Head-Civil Engineering Department, Bureau of Indian Standards and Prof. P Narsing Rao, Founder Director, Urban Development Research institute.

Day two also received an E-Address from Mr. Ali Rebaie, President, Rebaie Analytics Group. He discussed about reobust inclusion of Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics for better city management.

Other topics discussed included Smart Energy and Environment, Smart Transportation planning, Internet-of-Things and success story of successfully implementing e-governance programme in Bristol City.

The conference valedictory saw representation from Sh. Subhash Arya, Mayor, South Delhi Municipal Corporation along with the closing remarks from conference moderators.

Key Takeaways:

Key takeaways from the conference were:

·         Lessons from international counterparts of smart cities

·         Witnessing technological innovations in the spheres of energy and environment

·         Learning about the standards under consideration for developing a smart city

·         Success stories and case studies from successfully implemented programmes in international smart cities

·         Understanding the roles of green building in the crucial aspect of sustainable smart cities

·         Opportunities and deterrents with regards to the economies and finances of a smart city amongst others

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