IV Therapy in Pasadena Now Offered by Muscle Lab

IV Therapy in Los Angeles' Muscle Lab Location

Muscle Lab, a top-rated recovery and wellness lounge founded by fitness enthusiasts from Los Angeles, has been growing in popularity with their recent offering of daily IV Therapy drips in their Pasadena, CA location.

Muscle Lab is a company that specializes in muscle recovery and wellness services. Muscle Lab recently started to offer vitamin IV Therapy in their Pasadena location. IV Therapy has been in extremely high demand due to the recent surge of the Omicron Coronavirus variant.

Certain IV Drips, such as the Immunity IV has been helping patients keep a healthy immune system as Omicron cases continue to climb in Los Angeles. Los Angeles residents are eager to get an IV drip, and Muscle Lab has seen an increasing number of individuals wanting to try IV Therapy for their first time.

What is IV Therapy? IV Therapy is not like the ordinary recovery and wellness services that has been offered before. For many years, IV Therapy was only available in emergency cases. But now, IV Therapy is available to the general public to reap the benefits, the most popular being the hangover IV drip.

Muscle Lab's Pasadena location offers a wide range of vitamin IV Drips to choose from, depending on symptoms and goals.


Rehydrate and rejuvenate after a marathon or a fun night out in Los Angeles with this IV drip of Lactated Ringer. Lactated Ringer, also known as Hartmann's Solution, is a mixture of Sodium, Potassium and Calcium Chloride all of which are necessary electrolytes and Lactate used to maintain skin hydration.


Give the immune system the boost it needs to fight bacterial infections and viruses like the common cold or stomach flu with this IV drip containing high dose Vitamin C and Zinc. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a strong antioxidant and effective at strengthening the body's defense system. Zinc is known for enhancing proper functioning of the body's immune cells to help the immune system fight infection.


Regain energy and well-being with this IV drip containing the Myer's Cocktail. Myer's Cocktail is best known for promoting whole body recovery. It includes 6 b complex vitamins used in all aspects of the body's defense system against infection, Vitamin C which is a strong antioxidant, Magnesium Chloride used for normal functioning of the heart and nerves and Calcium Gluconate used for bone strength.


This IV treatment contains vitamin B12, an essential vitamin that your body needs but cannot produce on its own. Vitamin B12 may benefit the body in impressive ways, such as boosting energy levels and overall increased mood.


An amino acid found in every single cell of the body and directly affects the health of the mitochondria which is the powerhouse of the cell by guiding in producing energy and reversing the signs of aging.


Stay youthful and maintain a healthy glow with this IV drip containing Biotin and a complex of 6 Amino Acids. Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, is best known to preserve and help grow beautiful hair and nails, improve skin quality and aid in weight loss. Amino acids are known as the building blocks of life helping to build and maintain the proteins of healthy hair, skin, nails, and assisting in healing and repair of all body tissues.


Infused with zinc, selenium and vitamin B12 for high stress days to help unwind and restore peace. When life gets stressful, this is the goto IV Drip.


Zofran is a powerful anti-nausea medication and in combination with Pepcid, a histamine blocker great for heartburn or any type of abdominal issue.


Detoxify with the new vitamin therapy formula, DETOX, containing Glutathione and Selenium.

Learn more about Muscle Lab's IV cocktails available in Pasadena and the greater Los Angeles area on their website https://musclelab.la/pages/iv-therapy-in-los-angeles

Ariana Fatoohi


Source: Muscle Lab

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