ItsPayd is Pleased to Announce the Addition of Dispatch Center LTD., to Its Affiliate Partnership Program

ItsPayd is pleased to announce the addition of Dispatch Center LTD., to its Affiliate Partnership Program. Dispatch Center is the premier alarm monitoring and rapid response service center in Texas. Dispatch Center is a UL Listed central station that serves licensed security professionals, and each of their monitored subscribers, with incomparable service, using the latest technology and equipment. Dispatch Center is committed to serving the needs of the professional alarm dealer.

Dispatch Center’s Director of Operations, Stephen Harper, said, “ItsPayd is a service every independent Alarm Company should utilize. Whether automating their recurring billing or collecting on past due invoices, ItsPayd offers a simple solution for the billing and collection process.”

We are thrilled to have Dispatch Center, LTD be part of ItsPayd Affiliate Partner Program. Their dedication to dealer support is a cornerstone to growth in the Security/Alarm industry and we're proud to be a part of that.

Ken Green, President/CEO

Of the announcement, ItsPayd C.E.O. Ken Green said, “We are thrilled to have Dispatch Center, LTD be part of ItsPayd Affiliate Partner Program. Their dedication to dealer support is a cornerstone to growth in the Security/Alarm industry and we’re proud to be a part of that.”

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ItsPayd is a cloud based and mobile payments application that allows its merchants to offer custom payment plans to settle past due accounts. It is a powerful tool that gives businesses the opportunity to reduce costs associated with past due accounts and maintain positive customer relationships. The application uses text messages and/or emails to notify customers of past due balances and provides a link to either send a one-time payment toward that balance or set up a payment plan, depending on their contract. With ItsPayd, companies experience a level of control that was never possible before. Companies can now handle every account with the same level of care, no matter how large or how small the balance, improving customer experience at the least likeliest moments, and that is the past due space.

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