Anti-Abuse Video and Song, 'It's Not Okay' by Linda Newlin, Gains Traction

It’s Not Okay to abuse and use anyone,” says singer/songwriter/author Linda Newlin in her new, provocative song and music video. The images and scenes depict all forms of abuse going on in our world and challenge the abusers who have hurt others and those who have been complicit by keeping quiet.

Newlin originally wrote the song and produced the video on the heels of the sexual abuse scandals perpetrated by the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts but its message is just as relevant today. Just this weekend, Facebook was flooded with “Me Too” messages from tens of thousands of women speaking up about sexual harassment and abuse.

It's Not Okay to abuse and use anyone. Being silent is why this continues to go on in our world and our homes.

Linda Newlin, CEO Luna Madre Inc.

“Keeping quiet is the reason abuse is so rampant in our world. People don’t speak up even in their own homes. I wrote this song to give voice to the abused and to encourage people to no longer be silent,” added Newlin.

Newlin’s passion for helping people heal and end all forms of abuse is provocative. “What is abuse? It’s not just physical and sexual violence. It’s all the ways we allow others to use us for their personal gratification and convince us we have no choice,” states Newlin.

Awarded the Everyday Hero Award by Up With People for her work in helping to alleviate the suffering of others, Newlin continues to write and share her dream of ending abuse. Her video “It’s Not Okay” is available at Newlin is available for media interviews on the subject of healing from abuse.


Did you just expect that we would somehow forget?
And one day this would not really have an effect?
How could you just stand by and watch the fists fly?
And block out the nights when all we did was cry?
Where were you when it was happening to me?
You say that you didn’t know and you didn’t see?
How is it possible that you missed the signs?
Of a hurting body and crossed boundary lines
Where was the protection? How
you couldn’t stop it?
Upon further reflection, how you wouldn’t stop it?
And you still don’t seem to understand
What it’s like living in confusion land
My head said yes, but you said no
But somewhere inside I knew it was so
I kept asking and you kept lying
And that’s how we learn to keep denying
That it ever happened at all
Put on a happy face and play ball
Inside the truth sleeps until one day
Light shines in the dark places hidden away
And we remember the horror and a face
That took our innocence without a trace
Used our body and twisted our mind
To believe that we were at fault
Or one of a very special kind
The trail of victims is long and deep
And the pain won’t end until some die in their sleep
Why aren’t children protected in their homes?
Why do victims end up feeling so alone?
I dare to speak out and I
pray my friend
That this crime against so
many, will come to an end
It’s NOT Okay to abuse and use anyone
It’s NOT Okay to abuse. It’s NOT Okay

Lyrics written by Linda Newlin. Copyrighted Luna Madre Music from the Love Your Self Album and her Companion Book, “The Inner Traveler’s GuideBook to Moyo: Discovering the Power of Listening to Your Own Heart”


Source: Linda Newlin

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