Its New Game to Add More Fans to the Star Wars Franchise

Star Wars introduces new SWTOR game to please the old Star Wars lover.

In a bold move to further serve the Star Wars fans the erstwhile old Star Wars series has released the date of its new pioneering game with the name Star Wars the Old Republic. The game is expected to unveil new grounds of animation and graphics. So, this move is an answer to the soaring Star Wars fans who have become increasingly infatuated with the Old Star Wars series.

End zone-to-end zone updates and scores, game schedules, breaking news, stunning game-time visuals and advanced social features that let users chat live with other players , and cheer or jeer the players throughout the game. The beta version of this SWTOR game is provided for the masses on the official website of the Old Star Wars series. In order to further serve the masses a customized version of the game is also available that can run on mobile using android operating system.

"I am excited about the breakthrough that the Old Star Wars has made in bringing mobile fans right into the game -- so much so, I decided to get one for myself", said Andy Hunt, a diehard gamer living in California.

With its continuous live updates, cool visuals and social aspects, SWTOR Live is the next best thing that can take the gaming world into new millennia.

For a perfect gaming experience with the mobile devices star wars has provided a perfect blend of visuals and compatibility with mobile phones for the gaming genre. So, if earlier you were the diehard fan of the Old Star Wars series then in all probabilities this new Star Wars game that is waiting to be served on the platter is going to add one more to the list of Star Wars that says " things that you should not miss that Star Wars presents".

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