iTrustCapital Releases New Revolutionary Physical Gold Product on IRA Platform Utilizing Kitco Metals

The new service allows precious metals investors to diversify their portfolios and obtain physical gold amidst economic uncertainty

Gold Product Launch June 2020

iTrustCapital, an investment platform for alternative assets in retirement accounts, today launched a new service that utilizes Kitco Metals and Tradewinds Markets Vaultchain™ Gold to deliver a revolutionary new product for precious metals investors.

In 2020, we find ourselves in times of unprecedented economic uncertainty. As world governments print ever-growing amounts of money, millions of Americans seek ways to protect their wealth in a system stressing itself to the limits. Even though investors have billions of capital in Gold ETFs like GLD, many others distrust these traditional financial offerings. They want the added security of knowing the gold exists and is tied to an account in their name.

iTrust's service gives clients the ability to buy and sell physical gold 24/7. Clients place trades through iTrust's interface and executed through precious metals leader Kitco. The client's ownership is ledgered on the Tradewinds blockchain with Vaultchain® Technology and securely stored at the Royal Canadian Mint. The assets are 100% backed with physical metals and deliverable upon request through iTrust's service.

This modern solution solves a significant problem. Physical ownership of precious metals typically carries substantial costs over spot price - especially when custodied for an IRA. The nuts and bolts of transport, storage, and order execution contribute to expenses, at times exceeding 30% of the value of an order. 

iTrustCapital allows clients to buy and sell physical gold for just $50 over the spot price.

"I've been involved in the gold IRA space for more than a decade. iTrust's solution to investing in physical gold in IRAs is by far the best option for investors," said Blake Skadron, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at iTrustCapital. "Clients get all the benefits of owning gold and avoid the pitfalls of other IRA models such as paying high markups, dealing with commission sales reps, or suffering from inferior liquidity when it's time to sell." 

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About iTrustCapital
​iTrustCapital is an investment platform that allows clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and physical gold in real-time, 24/7, through their retirement accounts. Launched in 2019, iTrust services thousands of clients seeking to diversify not just their portfolio, but also from the traditional financial system and take more direct control of their retirement assets.

About Kitco
​For more than four decades, Montreal-based Kitco Metals has been one of the world's premier retailers of precious metals products. Kitco is at the forefront of innovation, applying the latest technologies to trading precious metals, global precious metals storage, digital metals, and leading the commodities media space. Kitco is considered to be the premier comprehensive precious metals reference for a worldwide audience. 

About Tradewind Markets
Tradewind Markets enables physical and alternative assets to be traded, financed, settled, and mobilized as collateral with confidence, transparency, cost efficiency, and social responsibility. 

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iTrustCapital is an investment platform that allows clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and physical gold real-time, 24/7, through their retirement accounts.

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