iTRG Expands to Advocate for Independent Truck Repair Shop Owners Nationwide

Heavy Duty Truck Repair Trade Association aims to set the gold-standard in diesel mechanic training, electrical training and enhanced buying power and become the top parts supplier for independent truck repair shops from coast to coast

Independent Truck Repair Group (iTRG)

​​​In 2020, the Independent Truck Repair Group (iTRG) plans to serve as an invaluable partner and ally to independent truck repair shop owners nationwide through a comprehensive multi-pronged approach designed to promote the business interests of the heavy-duty repair industry.

“Our mission at the Independent Truck Repair Group is simple,” says Robert “Buck” Monson, Executive Board Member of iTRG and owner of Monson Truck & Trailer Repair in Davenport, Iowa. “We help independent truck repair shop owners build thriving, profitable businesses.”

However, as simple as the mission statement may be, the training, support, and access to increased buying power given to independent truck repair shop members are some of the most sophisticated and powerful in the industry. For example, iTRG’s new website boasts a dynamic plug-and-play interface e-commerce purchasing system compatible with any business system in the market today, which downloads 40,000 part numbers each day. Likewise, membership in iTRG allows heavy-duty truck repair shops to participate in national programs, which lead to increased purchasing power. 


New training and consulting services will also be available to promote independent truck repair shops’ bottom line. Training courses taught by industry leaders will focus on building organized, efficient, and high-performing teams and developing “A”-level diesel technicians. Last year, two of iTRG’s most popular training courses included the Electrical Emissions and Aftertreatment System Maintenance Course, and Advanced Electrical Training. In 2020, the training curriculum will expand to include operational training services including digital marketing for independent truck repair shops and SEO training provided by industry leaders. Similarly, consulting services will be available for pairing some of the nation’s most successful shop owners with members to share best practices for shop systemization.

To date, the Independent Truck Repair Group has attracted the leading electrical trainer in the independent market and has trained more than 450 technicians. In fact, in 2019, numerous independent truck repair shops shut down production and closed their doors for three days so their technicians could attend the high-level training offered by iTRG. 


Heavy-duty industry vendors and suppliers are also taking notice of iTRG’s growing member network, which currently generates in excess of $200 million in annual revenues and represents nearly $60 million in annual parts purchases.


The trade organization isn’t shy about its ambitions for 2020. “Our goal is to represent 60% of the thousands of independent truck repair shops in the nation,” John Stoeckinger, president, iTRG, said. “We’re confident we will achieve this goal because we know that independent shop owners often feel like they are alone. Membership in iTRG makes them part of a family, who are all working together for stronger buying power, better training, and increased profitability."


iTRG plans to continue working on National Employee Benefit Programs and General Liability/Workers Compensation Insurance programs for its members. “Our overall goal at iTRG is to reduce our members' operating costs by a minimum of 20%, which goes directly to their bottom line,” Stoeckinger said.  

Stoeckinger goes on to say, “No shop owner has to go it alone anymore. We’re here to provide top-quality training, unparalleled networking, and countless strategies for business growth, along with increased purchasing power to boost profitability.” 

The next iTRG training course will be held in Dallas, Texas, March 6-8, 2020. 

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