ITRCC Announces Exit 10 Accelerated Construction Schedule

ITR Concession Company LLC (ITRCC) has announced that it is accelerating the construction schedule for the closure of the Indiana Toll Road Exit 10 westbound entry ramp and westbound exit ramp. Both ramps will be closed beginning July 11, 2023. The exit ramp will re-open on August 31 and the entry ramp will re-open on September 23.   

The ramps had previously been scheduled for closure beginning in September and extending into the winter months. This accelerated schedule will allow for construction to be completed before any winter weather conditions impact the construction zone or detour routes.

"The accelerated schedule will allow for safer driving conditions along the Indiana Toll Road and the detour routes during months when snow and ice could impact our area. Additionally, by accelerating the project we reduce the opportunity for winter weather to affect the project schedule, which could have a negative impact to our customers," says Rick Fedder, Chief Operating Officer of ITRCC.

The detour for the westbound entry ramp closure is as follows: Take SR 912 North (Cline Ave.) to SR 312 West (Chicago Ave). Travel SR 312 to US-41, turn right (northbound) onto US-41, turn right onto 141st St. and follow signs for ITR Exit 5 westbound on-ramp. 

The detour for the westbound exit ramp closure is as follows: Use Exit 17 and take US-12/20 WB west. If Patrons miss the Exit 17 route, they will need to use Exit 5 and take US-41 south to SR 312 eastbound to navigate back east.

About the Indiana Toll Road

In operation since 1956, the Indiana Toll Road stretches 157 miles across the northernmost part of Indiana. Connecting areas from Ohio to the Illinois State Line, it links Chicago with the largest cities on the eastern seaboard. The Indiana Toll Road - managed by ITR Concession Company LLC (ITRCC) - has nearly 300 employees dedicated to operating a safe and efficient roadway that serves thousands of patrons every day. 

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Source: ITR Concession Company LLC (ITRCC)