Offers IT Skill-Based Job Matching

ITJobMatch is an IT-focused job platform that matches employers and job seekers based upon certain skills and needs. It was developed to eliminate the job board industry’s oldest problem which is the limitations of keyword search associated with résumés and job posts. That is, it’s very easy to post a job or résumé for the world to see, but difficult to search those records and find the required candidate or best job.

ITJobMatch is designed specifically to bypass these obstacles inherent in keyword search.  Using a robust and granular taxonomy of IT skills, ITJobMatch pairs employer technical needs to job seeker skills. With this approach, complete job seeker profiles and job posts are automatically matched to the best fit without performing nebulous keyword searches.

Other job boards have addressed the insufficiencies of keyword search by adding job categories and user-entered skill tags to help narrow search results. These filters, however, are often added as an afterthought, and many of the categories and skill tags are either redundant or too broad to be much use. Alternatively, ITJobMatch is built around a hierarchical taxonomy of IT skills without any duplicates, and includes niche skills not found on other job boards. As a result, ITJobMatch gives employers and job seekers the ability to control the scope of their search in a way that isn’t possible anywhere else.

The introduction of ITJobMatch comes at a crucial time. Due to communication technology advances, it is becoming more and more practical for employers to hire remote workers or offshore contractors. With hiring and contracting trending toward a global market, the opportunities for job seekers and the options for employers are expanding at a breakneck pace—and this is especially true for the IT industry. This makes ITJobMatch and its unique skill matching system even more important in helping connect job seeker skills to employer needs all across the globe.

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