iTest Inc. Today Announced That Larry Jorstad, a World-Renowned Semiconductor Design and Test Engineer Has Joined iTest Inc.

iTest Inc. today announced that Larry Jorstad, a world-renowned Semiconductor Design and Test Engineer has joined iTest Inc.

"I am thrilled to join Silicon Valley's most capable Test Lab," said Jorstad. "iTest is any engineer's dream lab."

"It's a privilege to have Larry on our team," stated Zef Malik, General Manager of the Military and Space Business Division. "Larry will add to our depth and breadth in providing reliable test and Qualification solutions to the ever-growing complexities of today's High-Speed mixed-signal and RF designs. iTest's charter is to provide comprehensive, uncompromised test, accelerated deployment, and dependable success for our customers," added Zef. "We have the most advanced of Advantest testers, tri-temp handlers and probers, which are so crucial to military and space test requirements."

About iTest:

iTest Inc. is Silicon Valley's most modern test lab. It deploys the most advanced SOC test platforms from Advantest, generously configured for today and tomorrow's high pin count, ultra-high speed SOC and SIP Mixed Signal devices, ASICs, FPGA's, Processors, and a multitude of RF devices.

"We have over 250+ man years of combined IC-test engineering experience on the Test Floor and in the Board Room which makes us different," states Rabbi Islam, CEO of iTest Inc. "We are setup for rapid testing and validation of new designs—from Development to Qualification. We are legacy-free and without engineering bottlenecks. Our team leverages its proven practices to guarantee timely and production-worthy solutions. We have proprietary test generation techniques for at-speed single and parallel test, at the wafer and package levels.

Conveniently located in Silicon Valley and serving a global customer base of technology leaders, we will spare no cost or effort to deliver uncompromised testing."

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