ITA-MED's MAXAR Brand Undergoes Redesign in Both Form and Function

More Bio-Magnetic Therapy, Enhanced Color Scheme Will Improve Products' Effectiveness and Aesthetics

MAXAR Airprene Knee Brace

MAXAR, one of the flagship brands of ITA-MED that designs and manufactures sports medicine and orthopedic supports as well as graduated compression socks, has introduced some dramatic changes in both the form and function of the product line.

Until recently, Bio-Magnetic Therapy was used in two of MAXAR’s products: the Bio-Magnetic/Far-Infrared Back Support Belt and the Bio-Magnetic Lumbo-Sacral Support Belt. Bio-Magnetic therapy has long been recommended by medical experts as an effective, drug-free alternative for pain reduction and rehabilitation after back surgeries and various orthopedic injuries. Consequently, this technology has been added to three other products in the MAXAR line to increase their healing powers: the men’s and women’s Posture Correctors; the Airprene Knee Brace; and the Airprene Sport Belt.

The line has undergone aesthetic changes as well. Three years ago, Lev Tripolsky, ITA-MED CEO, introduced new colors to the MAXAR line, (black with red trim), testing them on two of the line’s bio-magnetic support belts. Based on increased sales results, Tripolsky decided to convert the entire MAXAR line to the enhanced color scheme. This not only made the product more aesthetically pleasing, it gave the entire MAXAR collection a more uniform look.

According to Tripolsky, both the technological and cosmetic improvements are important to a positive customer experience.

“Adding the bio-magnetic capabilities to the additional MAXAR products obviously brings a higher level of effectiveness and physical comfort to the consumer, which is our primary goal,” he stated. “But we do not want to undersell the aesthetic improvements; customers want to buy and wear a support product that looks good and attracts their eye, even if they can’t see if while they’re wearing it.” 

The MAXAR brand is a complete line of retail-oriented sports medicine and orthopedic supports as well as graduated compression socks. The brand is distinctive for medically correct designs that are both comfortable and stylish. Natural fibers and highly breathable materials enhance the performance of these products that were created for a wide range of end-users, including patients recovering from surgery; people rehabilitating from various orthopedic conditions; workers in physical occupations; and athletes competing at all levels of sports.


Incorporated in 1992, ITA-MED is an innovative U.S. manufacturer of high quality, eco-friendly home health care, medical support, orthopedic, and sports medicine products. Based in Hayward, CA, ITA-MED’s products are both medically correct and comfortable to wear; the company’s wide range of products are popular among consumers, doctors, dealers, pharmacies, and distributors worldwide. ITA-MED sells its products under three separate brands: ITA-MED, Gabrialla (maternity and women’s health collection), and MAXAR (sports medicine and orthopedic supports, as well as graduated compression socks). A high percentage of ITA-MED’s 130 products are manufactured in the U.S. and carry FDA certification, as well as Medicare and Medicaid approval. ITA-MED is also a GSA Contract Holder. The company’s products can be purchased at its online store, Medbarn. Please visit

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Source: ITA-MED Co.