It Works! Shares How to Incorporate Self-Care into a Daily Routine

It Works! sheds light on the importance of setting aside time each day for self-care.

It Works!

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five people in the U.S. experience mental illness. This serves as an important reminder to take time each day to put ourselves first. It Works! prides itself on providing results-driven, easy-to-use products that give consumers unlimited opportunities to achieve body confidence while making self-care a priority.

"Taking time out of a busy day to relax and reflect can help boost a person's well-being and act as a reset button," said Kindsey Pentecost, CMO of It Works!. "We believe that being able to step back is an important part of self-care."

Adding Self-Care to a Daily Routine

It Works! is sharing five ways to effectively incorporate self-care into a person's daily routine:

  1. Get Your Circulation Going - Get into the habit of being active every day. Go on walks, take up a hobby that requires physical activity, do yard work, or exercise. These are all activities that can help reduce stress.
  2. Eating Healthy with Packed Nutrients - Eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables has both mental and physical benefits. Being cognizant of your food and drink choices matters. In fact, It Works! offers a number of products, including a Skinny Brew® coffee blend that serves as a great alternative to a calorie-dense latte.
  3. Book a "Self-Care Trip" - Having the opportunity to disconnect from the world temporarily can help clear a fogged mind. Vacation days are there for a reason, so be sure to take advantage of them. Whether it's booking a trip with friends or family, or just taking a quick road trip to a new town, it's important to take time away from our daily routines.
  4. Adopt a Pet - Pets like dogs and cats can help reduce stress, anxiety and even help lower blood pressure. While having a pet is a big responsibility, they can also help take a person's mind off of daily stressors and are a perfect companion for walks and more.
  5. Prioritize a Sleep Routine - A consistent sleep schedule allows the body to cope with the drain from the day and will give the body and mind the much-needed rest it deserves.

"We recognize it's not always easy to put yourself first, especially given all of the responsibilities we each have," said Pentecost. "However, by incorporating at least some of these elements into your life, you'll be well on your way to improving your mental health, which is critically important."

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At It Works!, we know that sometimes, simple adjustments to your daily routine can change everything. With our results-driven, easy-to-use products, you have unlimited opportunities to achieve beauty and body confidence. Our philosophy is that every product we provide must enhance your life and jumpstart your journey towards personal achievement. We deliver product solutions that are backed by science, simple to incorporate into your existing routine and that truly work! To learn more, click here.

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