IT Support Norwich Based Company Endorse The Environmental Benefits Of Using The Cloud

Using Cloud computing can reduce power use by up to 80%

Adept IT Solutions, an IT support Norwich based company, inform customers that when utilising the Cloud they can use up to 80% less power than when using general in house servers. Having on site servers uses a lot of energy through running and maintaining the system as well as ensuring they don't overheat using air conditioning. Cloud computing basically allows a company to store and access all the software and data that they would have previously kept on their in house servers through the internet. This means there is little need for large collections of energy-consuming in house servers.

Examples of cloud computing you may have encountered as an individual are your email and things like Netflix or Spotify - where you can login to your account from any internet device and access your emails or playlists, etc. This is a further advantage of using the Cloud; files and programs can be retrieved remotely by employees, meaning they don't always have to be in the office to get the tools they need to work. The ability to access files from various locations means it is less of a necessity for employees to commute, therefore further aiding organisations to reduce their carbon footprint.

An advantage of using less power is it lowers costs. Further money is saved through using Cloud computing because you only pay for what you use; meaning how much storage space a company needs can be varied based on their current demands. In fact, Adept IT Solutions advise that using Cloud computing can significantly decrease IT costs by up to 70%. Meaning switching to the Cloud can help save the environment and money.


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