It Doesn't Require Any Refilling: CATOLET - the Unique Automatic Litter Box for Cats and Small Dogs.

Nowadays, dozens of new gadgets and mobile devices are released every day. Many gadget and technology fans are willing to pay to make their everyday living more efficient and comfortable. A team of young engineers in the field of robotics has developed something completely new for pets.

With 44 percent of its required goal having been collected on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, CATOLET is confident that the owners of pets have appreciated this device and have been supporting this project for 15 days.

Simply, old litter boxes with ever-demanding refills can be forgotten. Cleaning after your Pets in the technological 21st century has become inconvenient.

Tatyana Bayramova

Creator of the project

CATOLET - the newest unique automatic litter box for cats (and small-breed dogs) does not require filler or cleaning. It is easily connected to the water supply and sewerage system and has a unique conveyor system for waste disposal. Also, production designers working on CATOLET managed to combine the practicality of the device with its compactness and functionality.

The automatic litter box with a conveyor system simply did not exist before. Typical models of litter boxes presented on the market today are bulky, costly in terms of water/electricity consumption, and also require special fillers. In the long run, such litter boxes require more spending on a cat’s maintenance routine.

The project's author believes that CATOLET devices will be used in every pet-loving household: "Simply, old litter boxes with ever demanding refill can be forgotten. Cleaning after your Pets in the technological 21st century has become inconvenient."

So, let's talk about how this device works. When a pet makes itself comfortable inside the automatic litter box, the sensor detects its presence and monitors when it leaves the CATOLET. After a period of time (which is set individually) flushing is performed. Waste is not collected in any container, filler is not required – the waste is crushed and flushed into the sewage system. After flushing, the device is ready for use again.

Overall, there are 3 models of CATOLET:

  • CATOLET basic. The basic model is characterized by the absence of a pump and a shredder. This model is connected through a 2-inch diameter pipe and is only suitable if it is possible to cut the pipe into the bowl of the toilet or into the sewage riser.
  • CATOLET. The standard model of the device line. Suitable for consumers who have average pet sizes. It withstands up to 10kg / 22lb of pet weight. In this model, a pump and a shredder are provided, thus making this model universal.
  • CATOLET plus. This is an enlarged version of the CATOLET device. It provides absolutely all functions included in the standard version. This model is suitable for all consumers, but was created for mini dogs and large breeds of cats. It withstands up to 15 kg / 33lb of pet weight.

All models can be equipped with a battery life system that allows the device to operate without recharging up to three months.

There is an adaptation system in place to train a cat to a new litter box, the training time varies between 2-21 days.

Everyone knows how cats love secluded places. A shelter can be added to the automatic box, which serves as a shelf for various accessories and saves valuable space.

The device incorporates ultraviolet diode lamps for disinfection of conveyor tape and destruction of 99 percent of harmful bacteria.

In addition to all of the above, the box is equipped with a leakage sensor and, if a leak occurs, the alarm turns on and sends a message to the owner's smartphone. The device can be controlled and configured using a mobile application on iOS and Android platforms. In settings, you can specify the delay time of cleaning (this is convenient, since all animals have their own character). Also, it will be possible to track the intervals and the number of trips your pet does, violation of cycles, water flow and other parameters.

The case is made of sanitary acrylic, the conveyor belt is made of composite materials, which are resistant to claws and aggressive environment. A conveyor belt has through-holes, so that the pet does not wet its paws.

Designers will give consumers a choice of four single-colored body colors - white, yellow, pink or blue, as well as prints in the form of cat's paws or cute cat-faces.

CATOLET believes it has brought together the popular modern achievements of engineering, technology, electronics and software.

Why in the 21st century do cats still use the old tray and meow to ask the owner to clean it up? Now the pet owner and his/her furry friend can appreciate CATOLET. The device is available to pre-order, starting from $ 159 on the CATOLET Campaign Page.



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