Isto Biologics Introduces New Cortical Fiber Technology

Isto Biologics Introduces New Cortical Fiber Technology

Isto Biologics, a leading biologics and regenerative medicine company offering advanced solutions in bone repair and cell-based therapies, announced today the addition of InfluxTM Demineralized Cortical Bone Fibers to its existing portfolio of bone healing and autologous cellular solutions. 

Isto Biologics focuses on enabling surgeons to help their patients heal faster, through its innovative biosynthetic InQu® product line, allogeneic InfluxTM tissues, and rapid bedside autologous cellular concentration with the Magellan® system. The InfluxTM Demineralized Cortical Bone Fibers introduction expands upon their InfluxTM product line of allografts used in orthopedic surgeries, particularly in spine and lower extremity procedures. This exciting new product leverages new cortical fiber technology to offer clinicians another novel tissue-based solution for their patients.

InfluxTM Demineralized Cortical Bone Fibers utilizes proprietary processing to create a next generation product with proven osteoinductive capacity. The novel, small diameter fibers create an ideal scaffold for autologous cells to augment graft properties and results in excellent cohesive handling characteristics to improve graft placement.

“Isto’s mission is to create the foremost team of biologics experts to deliver best-in-class products to our physicians to help their patients heal faster. The InfluxTM Cortical Fibers represents yet another bone graft option that complements the power of the concentration of autologous platelets and progenitor cells. Isto Biologics’ Influx Demineralized Cortical Bone Fibers, combined with the Magellan® concentration system, provides the three pillars of bone growth: cells, signal and scaffold, which the surgeon can customize to their surgical needs,” said Don Brown, CEO of Isto Biologics.

About Isto Biologics

Isto Biologics was formed in 2016 when St. Louis-based Isto Technologies and Arteriocyte Medical Systems Inc. of Hopkinton, Massachusetts merged under the Isto Holdings umbrella. Isto Biologics is focused on "Helping Patients Heal Faster" through its innovative solutions for bone regeneration and cell therapies. The company’s flagship product offerings include the market-leading Magellan® autologous platelet separator and bone-growth products, including InQu® Bone Graft Extender and Substitute and InfluxTM, a natural bone-graft material.

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