Isto Biologics Elevates Biologic Innovations Through Merger With Advanced Biologics/Biologica Technologies

Isto Biologics merges with Advanced Biologics

Isto Biologics, a global leader in regenerative and autologous therapies, announced today their successful merger with Advanced Biologics (known commercially as Biologica Technologies), a California-based company, known for their innovative biologic solutions.

The merger will expand Isto’s growing portfolio of bone grafts and seamlessly integrate Advanced Biologics’ proprietary products alongside Influx™, Isto’s esteemed line of cortical fiber allografts.

“We are delighted to welcome the entire Advanced Biologics team to Isto Biologics,” said Donald Brown, CEO. “This merger brings together the best of both companies’ expertise and a shared commitment to help patients heal faster.”

Isto Biologics has maintained a commercial partnership with Advanced Biologics since 2020, catalyzed by the development of Isto’s Integrative Bone Matrix, SPARC. SPARC is a novel inductive bone matrix that stemmed from Advanced Biologics’ proprietary tissue processing method used in their well-known allograft, OsseoGen®. SPARC is known for its increased levels of osteoinductive, chemotactic, angiogenic and proliferative growth factors.

The integration of Advanced Biologics’ product commercialization initiatives into Isto’s growing allograft portfolio provides a unique opportunity to help patients heal faster and enable both customer bases to benefit from the broadened product set.

“Over the past four years, our collaboration with Advanced Biologics has been impressive,” said Harry Holiday, Chairman of the Board at Isto Biologics and Managing Director at Thompson Street Capital Partners (TSCP). “Investing in Advanced Biologics and embarking on this strategic combination amplifies both Isto's and Advanced Biologics’ comprehensive biologics portfolios, paving a path forward for continued growth and patient healing.”

“With this merger, our combined team now brings greater clinical expertise and deeper customer support to provide our surgeon champions with the best products available on the market,” said Amit Govil, President of Advanced Biologics. 

About Isto Biologics
Isto Biologics is a leading biologics and cellular therapy company in the orthopedic space. Isto Biologics is focused on Helping Patients Heal Faster™ through innovative solutions for bone regeneration and cell-based therapies. The company’s flagship product offerings include the market-leading Magellan® Autologous Platelet Separator, and bone-growth products including InQu® Bone Graft Extender & Substitute, and the Influx™ product family. For more information, visit 

About Advanced Biologics/Biologica Technologies
Advanced Biologics (ABC) is a three-time Orthopedics This Week - New Technology Award-winning biologics company focused on developing innovative and clinically relevant biologic solutions across a wide degree of medical specialties. To better serve customers, Advanced Biologics created Biologica Technologies in 2015 as a separate, stand-alone company to serve as the sales, marketing and clinical research group. Advanced Biologics' core proprietary technology offers the ability to access intracellular growth factors (GFs) found within allograft tissue. ProteiOS® growth factor and OsseoGEN® cellular bone matrix are among the first products based on the technology and possess the highest concentration of GFs within their respective biologic categories. 

Source: Isto Biologics