Issac Qureshi, Tax Expert at Ogilvy & Haart, Contributes to Bury Grammar School

Issac Qureshi, tax expert at Ogilvy & Haart, is happy to announce his involvement in Bury Grammar School, where he will send one child from an underprivileged background with exceptional learning abilities to the best local private school that he once attended as a kid into a young adult. Issac Qureshi will scholarship the child from ages 11 through 18, allowing them to receive a top tier education, and prepare for college in the future. This scholarship is a new venture for Issac as he takes his career into the next level of philanthropy. 

Bury Grammar School is so important to Issac Qureshi because it set him up for the future that he is now living. It molded and developed him into the mentor and entrepreneur that he takes pride in being every day. There are not many private institutions in London like Bury Grammar which promoted Issac Qureshi to send deserving children there free of charge.

Bury Grammar School scholarship is named directly after Issac calling it ‘The Qureshi Family Bursary’ as it is a lifetime bursary and part of his legacy planning to continue helping underprivileged children in the same area that he grew up in.

Not only is Issac Qureshi prepared to send a deserving child to Bury Grammar for free, he is also sponsoring an academic award to the best History student each academic year. 

Issac Qureshi believes in the system of education, and will use his place in the world to give others the resources that he did not have growing up with hopes that they will pay it forward, just as he has.

About Issac Qureshi: Issac Qureshi is an experienced taxation and finance professional who is highly regarded for making outstanding contributions with various organizations and clients across the UK. He is the founder of Ogilvy & Haart, a wealth management and taxation consultancy. In 2006, he was recognized by NW Business Insider Magazine in their “Top 42 Under 42” list.

For more up to date information on Issac Qureshi’s sponsorships and contributions to The Unstoppable Foundation, visit his twitter profile @IssacQureshi

Source: Ogilvy & Haart


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