Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Funded Opposition in Iran

Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, whose party is under investigation, funded opposition in Iran with the help of South Azerbaijan separatists.

Israeli police is investigating corruption case related to the activities of the party, head of which is none other but Minister of Foreign affairs of Israel Avigdor Lieberman. His minions are suspected of stealing  through non-governmental organizations tens of millions of dollars from the state budget. Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan has intel that at least some of that money were delivered to Baku and transferred to the separatists of South Azerbaijan - the so-called leaders of the National Liberation Front of Azerbaijan (Iran). 
According to one of the patriotic officers from the Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan, a former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Israel Faina Kirshenbaum, Lieberman's right hand and a main suspect in this investigation scandal, has a history of business deals in Azerbaijan through dummies and go-betweens. Money transfers were made, until recently, through Switzerland. Kirshenbaum's business-partner in the country is a well-known business-woman, close to the family of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.
Another person involved in a corruption scandal is Michael Falkov, Lieberman's assistant for special assignments. In recent years he visited Baku quite a lot of times. His last visit was in summer 2014, when he was accompanied by a translator Kamila Aliyev. Also Falkov have met with several officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan. The most important nugget of information about this visit is that Falkov have met with representatives of the so-called National Liberation Front of South Azerbaijan, and it wasn't their first meeting. 
In August 2014 Russian news agency REGNUM published a report about charred body with Falkov's documents that was found in eastern Ukraine. This body was discovered by volunteers fighting for the Army of Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities explicitly imposed a ban on all publications about the death of Lieberman's 'special assistant'. Official Tel Aviv is still refusing to comment that issue and neither confirmed nor declined death of Lieberman's man in Ukraine. Now investigators in Israel assume that this death report was just a clever ruse to cover his tracks.
Lieberman enjoys friendly relationship with President Aliyev and many of Azerbaijani ministers. In recent years Lieberman visited Baku for five times. His last visit was in May 2014 and lasted for a week. Not surprisingly, shortly after the Lieberman's departure from Baku his personal henchman - Falkov came to visit the very same city.
We gather from the fact that there is an investigation about Lieberman's activities, that his funding of South Azerbaijan separatists wasn't condoned by Israeli government. Most probably, it was Lieberman's personal initiative. Also we may be sure that some of the high government officials in the Republic of Azerbaijan are supporting his initiative for personal gain. Azerbaijan authorities are well aware of Lieberman's 'special assignments assistant's' contacts with South Azerbaijan separatists. But the Office of the President Aliyev ordered the Ministry of National Security to do nothing on this issue, not to spoil relations with Lieberman. The danger lies in the fact that Lieberman's people use Azerbaijani soil for hostile actions against Iran. That could further damage the already very complex relations of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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