ISO 9001 Certified Injection Mold Maker, Klarm Mould Continues Its Rapid Growth in China

Klarm Mould is one of the best plastic mould manufacturers in China, specializing in producing high precision injection molds at competitive prices for customers in a wide range of industries.

KLARM Mould, manufacturer of a wide range of plastic molds in China, has announced that its rapid growth has continued with its production plant now having more than 100 employees.

There are a number of industries in various parts of the world that need plastic molds and for them, that KLARM is supplying various types of plastic mold may be a significant news. KLARM is a Chinese mold manufacturing company that develops molds for production of various rubber and plastic items. Its molds are extensively used in manufacturing of automobile parts and households. The China crate mold factory manufactures molds mainly to facilitate production of items that are widely used daily and are vulnerable to breakage.

The company proudly says that the area of their production plant is 1500 square meters and they now have more than 100 employees. The company has 20 large injection molding machines and 5 packaging machines. They proudly say that they adopt advanced production technology and use the latest testing equipment. They have a strong technical force as well. Further, their products are ISO 9001 quality system certified with appropriate measurement apparatus permits. They have passed the SGS environmental protection certification. The company takes pride in pointing out that their plastic mold products such as cable tie mold, plastic injection mold, etc. are exported to the United States and various other countries and regions in the North America, Europe, Oceania, South America, and so on.

Their R&D team consists of 20 skilled and experienced engineers who have a lot of research experience in industrial and structural design, project technology and production process. The company has been making great efforts to computerize their craft and their technology department is especially equipped with advanced computer-integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) and CAD, CAM and CAE. They widely use other advanced facilities and equipment for their R & D, production and inspection.

The company has imported lots of advanced equipment, including Swiss Slow Wire Cutting Machine, Swiss MIKRON Five Axis Linkage CNC Machine, America HAUS- ER Jig Grinding Machines and Coordinate Measuring Machine, etc.

The company engages qualified professionals who work relentlessly to meet the demand of the industries. It has been continuously increasing its development capacity by 30% - 50% annually. Sale is not the highest point in the business strategy of KLARM Mould factory. Rather, it is the beginning of a new relationship or rediscovery of an existing one. The company is committed to providing extensive support to its customers through design assistance, mold-flow analysis, material selection, mold making, injection molding and assembly. It even offers assistance in secondary processes of its clients. Thus, not its clients receive the best quality items, their customers get the reliable standard products too.

The staff working in their R&D department ensure to communicate and cooperate with each other so as to supply well-researched solutions for product design, mold development and production in order to be competitive and also to fulfill the needs of their customers. Therefore, they constantly focus on updating and innovating with an aim to make available plastic mold products of the highest quality like cable tie mold, plastic injection mold, etc., to their customers.

About Us
KLARM is one of the largest manufacturers in the entire East China producing a wide variety of plastic mold like the home application, automotive products, electronic product mold, plastic injection mold and the progressive die series like cable tie mold. They export these items to a number of countries throughout the world.

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Company: Guangzhou Klarm Mould Ltd
Contact: Lanny Larm
Phone: +86-20-3486-3088
Location: Guangzhou China

Source: Klarm Mould Ltd.


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