Island Bargains Now Offers Low Cost All Inclusive Shipping Is Now Available to St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John!

When shopping online is not convenient for an international address, there are other solutions. Island Bargains is for the people!

​Life in the Caribbean can be very relaxing.  Online shopping  is a hobby for many and a necessity for others.  There are those that have to keep up with the trends and others who need to stretch their money as far as possible.  When an international credit card is not available, ordering online can be impossible.  With knowledge about Island Bargains, one can then shop anywhere online as much as desired and then ship for a low cost without worrying about any hidden shipping fees.  A person can even have a Personal Shopper as well do the shopping for them at a low service rate.  Island Bargains ships bulk dry grocery goods, clothes, toys, anything actually.  No job is too big or too small.  Setting up an account with Island Bargains is easy and free and can be done online at or new clients can visit the local Island Bargains office and sign up and shipping goods can begin immediately on the same day!  It's like using Island Bargains as a personal United States address.  There is no limit to how much clients can ship.  When ordering a lot of different items from companies such as Amazon or Walmart, its best to request to have the order ship in as few packages as possible.  This is a great way to ship newly purchased items for a new home whether upgrading, redecorating or renovating.  Also a low cost shipping solution when moving internationally.  Instead of buying all new goods once on the island, all the contents of a home from the states can be shipped to the new home for very reasonable fees to the new island home.  Even when building a new island home, all the materials shipped from the shingles to build the new roof to the faucet for the new kitchen sink.  The process is very easy and smooth. Many have done so and continue to do so.  Party planners know this is a great way to get all the party supplies from decorations to cake mix to the decorative toothpicks you stick in the cupcakes.  For weddings, the bridal gown, maid of honor gowns, the brides maids gowns, grooms wear, the best man and the grooms men can all be shipped for a low rate.  Oh and don't forget the flower girl's dress and ring bearer suit too!  No job is too big or small.  Then there are the local stores, salons, barbershops and nail boutiques. Don't forget how every store needs inventory and don't need high overhead costs on top of the cost of goods.  Shipping your goods can be a great cause for major costs.  But with Island Bargains shipping service, rates are all inclusive with no hidden fees and can even provide order fulfillment.  Island Bargains is for the people!  And what the people order, will be delivered!

About Island Bargains

To provide the lowest cost all inclusive international shipping, freight forwarding, and fulfillment services via boat and air weekly. We also offer warehouse space and services, containers and bulk groceries and household goods for purchasing.

Island Bargains
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