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One of the biggest challenges when switching a smart phone platform from Android to iOS is the fact that users have to start anew. Here, the most common example is restoring the data on WhatsApp between these platforms. Users may lose their chats and all the important files they had on an Android phone when they switch to a new iPhone. Now, one can transfer and restore WhatsApp messages and files from android to iOS easily.

The iSkysoft Toolbox - Restore Social App Features

Backup & Transfer WhatsApp for the iPhone and Android devices. This enables transferring WhatsApp messages and important files from Android to iOS, Android to Android, iOS to iOS, and iOS to Android devices. Furthermore, it also allows the users to take a backup of the WhatsApp data to the PC before restoring it to another device. 

This software solution restores every Social App available through a simple process and offers a wide range of features. Users can transfer their WhatsApp documents, messages, photos and videos from iPhone to Android efficiently. One can also preview their data before restoring the preferred files or messages selectively.

The Toolbox is compatible with all versions of the iOS and Android. Its user-friendly interface along with step by step guidance allow users to crawl through the simple process in just a few taps. Additionally, data security and privacy are managed effortlessly with the iSkysoft toolbox. Furthermore, users can easily transfer data to any other external source like desktops and laptops.

It brings ease for a user to perform WhatsApp transfer to the new phone. The social app also allows transferring messages, attachments, videos, images and more. It is compatible with the latest iOS versions and devices such as iOS 12, iOS 11, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone 7 (Plus), iPhone SE, iPhone 6s (Plus), iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4.

One can easily restore and backup WhatsApp messages to iCloud, Google Drive or phone memory. iSkysoft toolkit involves easy-to-follow processes for both WhatsApp backup workflows and the final outcome. There are no complicated configurations involved in the process that results in hassle-free data browsing and exporting the same to any other device.

It also supports Operating systems like Windows or Mac and offers solutions to meet the user requirements. The process of restoring the WhatsApp chat history from Android to iOS is quite easy. After backing up the data using iSkysoft Toolbox, one can easily connect their device to the target iOS and click Restore to Device.

Users can try several ways to transfer WhatsApp data from android to iOS. But, when talking about the most reliable, faster and easier way to restore WhatsApp messages- safely and selectively, then iSkysoft Toolbox-Restore Social APP Features is certainly the perfect software solution to go for.

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iSkysoft, as a leading brand of smart software solutions, has always ruled for customer satisfaction and loyalty. For ten years, we keep providing multilingual interaction services for users from over 230 countries and regions around the world and continually spread our enthusiasm to every corner of the world by business expansion. We aim to provide more than 100 million great users with easy-to-use utility tools and devote ourselves in offering our customers an ultimate option to better experience digital life.

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