Ishwar Mining Has Taken a Step Further in Its Domain by Introducing Diaspore- an Efficient Mineral

Ishwar mining, a leading name for mining in India has moved a step forward by putting its hands for mineral Diaspore.

Ishwar Mining & Industrial Corporation, a leading name in mining industry expanded their area of domain via working with mineral Diaspore. It is a dimorphous form of boehmite and used in the manufacture of high alumina refractories.

It occurs in the form of scaly masses or flattened crystals which are isomorphous, the team at Ishwar mining explained. Diaspore occurs as thin veins and contains Quartz and Granite. It also appears to change colors under different types of light.

Diaspore is one of the important component mineral of Aluminium ore Bauxite. It can be colorless, gray, white, green, yellow, red, purple depending upon the lighting conditions. Like under natural or fluorescent lighting it has a light yellowish-green color, while a light pinkish-orange for the candlelight.

The mineral extracted here at Ishwar mining has a great alumina content and high heat resistance, Mritunjay Bhaskar, Founder of Ishwar mining explained. Being a leading producer for minerals in India, they count for about 50% of India's annual production for Diaspore, he further continued.

About Ishwar Mining & Industrial Corporation:

Ishwar Mining & Industrial Corporation is a pioneer for mining in India for highest quality of naturally occuring minerals. With 70 years of experience in domain, Ishwar mining is known for the best quality results in mining and processing of minerals. It stood at a good place among leading Mining Companies in India by achieving various quality awards, ranging from 118 awards in mining, 67 in safety and 51 from Indian Bureau Of Mines.


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Ishwar mining is a pioneer for mining industry and deals in mining and processing of minerals like Diaspore and Pyrophyllite.

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