ISGN® Corp.'s Technology Platforms Selected by Trinity Financial Services for Mortgage Servicing

Trinity Financial Services, LLC, a specialty real estate investor, focuses on serving customers in the second lien asset market; they are leveraging ISGN Corporation’s industry-recognized technology platforms LoanDynamix® and TEMPO® to enhance every aspect of loan servicing and deliver a strong customer experience.

DAM III, with Trinity Financial Services, says “Our focus is on providing a better experience for our customers and team members through a more cost-efficient, technology-driven process. We believe LoanDynamix and Tempo will help us deliver on these objectives.”

The loan servicing software solution, LoanDynamix, will help Trinity Financial Services locate efficiencies and cost savings in its loan servicing operations as well as assist in managing changes in regulatory requirements. Ultimately, Trinity Financial Services will remain up-to-date on changes, thus protecting its customers and investments.

With LoanDynamix's real-time updates and easy integration with third-party software systems, Trinity Financial Services' customers, investors, and employees will now have access to the latest account information.

Trinity Financial Services will integrate LoanDynamix with TEMPO, a default management software solution. TEMPO is configurable, giving Trinity Financial Services the ability to change work-flow rules that could increase productivity while providing significant risk and error reduction.

Trinity Financial Services will use Tempo to assist in the early stages of delinquency, particularly with work-out programs and loan modifications. TEMPO’s unique vendor management capabilities, integrated attorney networks and seamless interface with industry third-party systems take care of the entire default life cycle processing in a single system.

Don Gaspar, CTO, says “It has been a real pleasure working with Trinity Financial Services. We, at ISGN, look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Trinity Financial Services.”

LoanDynamix and TEMPO combined will help Trinity Financial Services provide a better customer experience, locate cost savings, increase productivity, and assist in reducing the risk of human error; these enhancements are designed to help Trinity Financial Services achieve its operational, compliance, and financial goals.

About Trinity Financial Services

Trinity Financial, LLC is proud to offer its customers decades of experience in providing financial services, especially in the realm of real estate and note purchasing. Following the economic downturn of the past two decades, great opportunities have opened for those looking to invest in REOs, non-performing, and performing notes.

Working with us means you will be working with a team that watches out for you, keeping their ear to the ground for the opportunities that best suit your ambitions, and identifying opportunities that you might have otherwise missed. Investing in REOs and notes can seem tricky and confusing but, with Trinity Financial Services, you will never be alone. We will use our years of experience to help guide you in reaching your goals.

About ISGN Corporation

Based in Melbourne, FL, ISGN® Corporation (ISGN) delivers smart and innovative SaaS technology solutions to the US residential mortgage industry. With powerful and feature-rich products for core and default servicing as well as construction lending, some of the largest servicers in the industry use ISGN’s technology to power their businesses.

ISGN’s transformational product suite helps maximize operational efficiency, reduce cost, manage regulatory and compliance demands and most importantly help servicers deliver a superior borrower experience. For more information, please visit

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ISGN® delivers smart & innovative SaaS technology solutions to the US residential mortgage industry. With feature-rich products for core & default servicing as well as construction lending.

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