Is Medicare Advantage Worth It for the Dental, Hearing, and Vision Benefits?

iQuanti: Traditional Medicare on its own doesn't offer dental, hearing, or vision coverage. This is a huge gap since people are more likely to run into health problems in these areas as they age.

That's where Medicare Advantage comes in.

Medicare Advantage offers a way to get Medicare benefits through Medicare-approved private insurers rather than the government. Because of this, it's possible to get dental, hearing, and vision insurance plans bundled with your Medicare Advantage plan.

But is Medicare Advantage worth it just for these services? Learn more to see if a Medicare Advantage plan is right for you.

Pros of Medicare Advantage

Can be Cheaper

Medicare Advantage plans often have the benefit of out-of-pocket maximums and lower deductibles in addition to their supplementary insurance coverage. For some people, this may make Medicare Advantage more affordable than Original Medicare.

Coordinated Care Among Providers

Most Medicare Advantage plans coordinate care among your providers.

For example, a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Medicare Advantage plan would ask you to elect a Primary Care Physician, who would then coordinate your care. This offers a lot of convenience, as well as consistency, that may result in more holistic medical attention.

Consolidated Coverage

With Medicare, you may have to get another separate plan for things like dental, vision, and hearing. This can be expensive as well as complicated.

Medicare Advantage simplifies things by giving you a single plan for more of your care. Many of these plans may also include Medicare Part D coverage alongside your dental, vision, and hearing.

Cons of Medicare Advantage

Fewer Providers

Medicare Advantage plans generally limit you to their specific network of providers, restricting choice. Furthermore, you may have to get referrals or authorizations to visit specialists and for other matters. It's important to check that any doctors you see regularly would be in-network for your Medicare Advantage plan.

May Cost More if You Need Services Often

Many seniors rely on medical care more often than younger individuals. With Medicare Advantage, the costs can add up for certain types of care. Copays can be fairly high, and you may run into some out-of-pocket expenses you weren't expecting.


Most Medicare Advantage plans are regional. Therefore, if you move or travel, you may not have coverage in your destination or new home.

The Verdict

In general, it comes down to your health. If you've needed high prescription glasses since you were a child, rely on hearing aids, or regularly have extensive dental problems, these expensive services alone may make a Medicare Advantage plan worth it.

However, if your regular doctors are out-of-network for the Medicare Advantage plans that interest you, the Medicare Advantage plans near you don't offer coverage for the care that most concerns you, or you tend to spend time travelling, Original Medicare may still be the better choice, despite not offering dental, hearing or vision coverage.

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