Is labour-hire the key to rebuilding a post-COVID workforce?

For the past year, Australian companies have been relying on government subsidised JobKeeper payments to keep their companies afloat. Now that JobKeeper has ended, many wonder what the future of business will look like as we move into the next era of employment.

Labour Hire Melbourne

With JobKeeper payments now officially stopped, many Australian based businesses will need to become even more selective and intentional about the way they hire. With many states still subject to strict and sudden lockdown measures, Melbourne labor-hire provider AIO Contracting says businesses are looking to reduce employment risks for themselves.

The hiring of full-time employees during such a fragile period may not seem wise from a management or business perspective. Many are hopeful that seeking out alternatives to traditional hiring will allow their business to continue in a new but efficient way.

This has led many managers and Human Resource staff to question whether they would outsource their staffing to a labour hire firm. In the past year, the state government has required each labour-hire company in Melbourne to register before providing these services, ensuring only qualified companies are allowed to offer these services.

AIO, a company that provides labour hire in Melbourne, is one of the few who have attained proper registration with the government (registered labour hire provider VICLHL04019). This company hopes to help Australian businesses begin to build their workforce without being locked into contracts should another lockdown situation arise. This will allow employers to create a layer of protection once they can no longer rely on JobKeeper.

AIO believes that labour agencies in Melbourne will provide a key partnership that will allow locally owned businesses to recover and spur new life into the economy. It also allows companies to seek out workers who are farther afield. When working with a labour-hire agency, there is the potential to find quality staff who wouldn't otherwise be found.

The beauty of a company like AIO is that it can attract high-quality candidates quickly and efficiently. That means that businesses can continue to work through the pandemic's current effects and the effects it will continue to have on the job market for years to come. With many companies feeling cautious of pulling in permanent staffers when the economy is uncertain, there is a huge potential for this new model in the labour-hire market.

Source: AIO Contracting