Artist/Creative Director Sees the Positive in Our Current Pandemic by Bringing the Art Gallery Experience to You

How Art buying and Art galleries are evolving through this pandemic, and why it is important to adjust to the times.

Angelica Hoyos

"I've heard there's going to be a recession. I've decided not to participate" - Walt Disney

This is the sentiment that Artist Angelica Hoyos shares. Angelica Hoyos is a Creative Director and has worked on campaigns for brands such as American Express and Komatsu. Angelica was growing tired of the lack of flexibility and empathy for her parental responsibilities from her employer when she made the decision to leave her job. She knew she would have to homeschool her six-year-old daughter through the Covid-19 pandemic and could not work in a place where the employer does not understand her responsibilities as a parent. "It will take me approximately 1-2 months to get hired again," she thought, but this time was different. As soon as she quit her job on March 6 the world stopped and so did hiring. It has now been 4 months since she's been unemployed, but this has not stopped Angelica from moving forward. Angelica quickly dusted off her talents as an Artist and partnered with a SaaS company to offer top of the line virtual Art Gallery experience.

"If no one is leaving their home, I will bring the Art Gallery experience to them."

Ms. Hoyos believes that the old way of selling Art is almost extinct, and as Artists, we have to leverage technology and make the best of the trying times we face.

"Virtual Art shows are the future," says Angelica Hoyos, Creative Director/Founder of Angelica Hoyos Studio.

Angelica Hoyos believes in the power of color and design to uplift the human spirit. Her Artwork is inspired by her travels through the Amazon rainforest in Colombia, where she witnessed the agony indigenous people face daily at the thought of one day losing their home to development. She believes that through her work she can inspire self-reflection so that we can become gentler with ourselves, with others and with nature.


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