Is Artificial Grass Worth It? Arizona Luxury Lawns Has the Answer

Is Artificial Grass Worth It

​​​​Is artificial grass worth it? For somebody who doesn’t live in a hot, dry, arid desert environment like Arizona, New Mexico, or Southern California, it may not seem like it. However, there are upsides to synthetic turf no matter where someone lives.

Arizona Luxury Lawns has almost 50 years of combined expertise in the schoolyard, domestic, commercial, and even golf synthetic turf industries. Arizona Luxury Lawns also offers the industry’s only 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, proudly serving famous clientele across the nation like legendary country artist Tim McGraw as well as professional NFL players. 

Why Is It Worth It?

There’s a reason why Phoenix stadium grass is always green. It isn’t because they use massive amounts of water to keep it fresh; it’s because the best grass for Phoenix isn’t really grass at all - it’s a polyethylene combination made with UV-resistant additives to protect users from the sun’s damaging rays.

Each and every single blade of fake grass from Arizona Luxury Lawns is made from durable, recyclable materials that will break down over time rather than spend eternity in a landfill. Other than helping to save the environment, installing synthetic turf on a domestic or commercial property will also help to save big on:

  • Water bills
  • Landscaping costs
  • Thatching and aerating 
  • Chemical use - no fertilizers or pesticides needed
  • Health - all Arizona Luxury Lawns products are hypoallergenic and are pet and kid-friendly

Other bonus features include and are not limited to:

  • A 20-year lifespan 
  • 3-5 year ROI
  • Guaranteed to hold its color, even year-round
  • USA-made and certifiably heavy metal-free
  • 100% recyclable
  • 8-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • And the ONLY 5-year installation warranty in the industry!

Reduced Maintenance

Costs for Phoenix residents' lawn care services will go into a downward spiral when the switch is made to artificial grass. Mesa, AZ and the surrounding areas are notorious for suffering droughts, which makes for poor grass growing conditions. Patches of sod often need replacing, and re-sodding a whole lawn or property can cost thousands of dollars. With Arizona Luxury Lawns, the only time water is ever needed is to spray off residual dirt.

Artificial grass doesn’t just match with the desert climate, it’s also perfect for everywhere from New England to South Florida. Any children’s playground will thrive with robust synthetic blades. Athletic fields like football, baseball, and soccer fields will be in perfect shape for every game, every season. Putting greens and golf courses will never have divots chipped out of them again. The uses are endless.

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