Irrimax, Pioneer in Wound Lavage, Launches New Products and Enhancements

Robust Innovation Pipeline to Deliver in 2022 and Beyond

New bottles of Irrisept Antimicrobial Wound Lavage

Medical device manufacturer Irrimax Corporation, known globally for its antimicrobial wound lavage product, Irrisept®, is delivering innovation and enhancements in multiple healthcare market segments in Q4 2022.

The original Irrisept Antimicrobial Wound Lavage is clinically preferred and has been incorporated as 'Standard of Care' in many infection prevention and management plans. Due to this success, Irrimax is expanding its portfolio to provide additional offerings to its customers and, ultimately, their patients. The company reveals that this is the beginning of a robust innovation pipeline, as additional launches are scheduled for release in 2023. 

The series of innovations start with the new 'Convenience Cap,' an enhancement to the original sterile packaged 450mL Irrisept product that more than 3,000 hospitals currently use in the U.S. alone. This enhancement was introduced in late September 2022 to extremely positive reviews. "A small enhancement with a big impact for our thousands of everyday users," says Venkat Katragadda, Senior Director of Manufacturing and Engineering for Irrimax.

This month, Irrimax announces the launch of two new items. A smaller 150mL bottle version of the original Irrisept product and another 150mL bottle, featuring new packaging, a new bottle design, and an optional accessory. Michael Gil, Chief Operating Officer for Irrimax, explains, "The development of these new products allows us to offer our customers even more options to meet their clinical needs. With the addition of these new products to the Irrimax portfolio, we expand into new market segments and continue to effectively drive our mission to reduce infections and healthcare costs, while improving patient outcomes."

Irrimax is proud to diversify its portfolio and values its customer feedback, which drives additional innovation and product development opportunities. The introduction of the Convenience Cap and the 150mL bottles will occur in the U.S. market first before launching into international markets.

Source: Irrimax Corporation

About Irrimax

Irrimax Corporation is a medical device company located in Lawrenceville, GA, serving customers in all 50 states and is doing business in Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. Irrimax focuses on reducing infections, healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes.

Irrisept Antimicrobial Wound Lavage, the company’s flagship product, has been adopted, in the US alone, by over 3,000 hospitals and sold over 3,000,000 units. Irrisept is considered essential, as part of a best-in-class infection prevention protocol for hospitals.

Irrimax is consistently ranked among the highest in its peer group in product quality, service levels, and customer support.

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