IronPsyche - the Psychology of Strength Seminars are GO!

The leading authority in mental coaching, therapy and performance optimization in strength and power sports has now announced a series of seminars across the UK and USA today.

The seminars are designed for those competing and training in strength and power sports like bodybuilding, power lifting, MMA boxing and strongman to take them to the next level of success. The information and techniques worked through on the day are to increase understanding of how the mind to body connection works on a physiological basis and to show key techniques of how to access optimum performance states and deal with common issues encountered by athletes in power sports.

Emma James, MABNLP, MATLTA, MABH, Dip FTST said "So many people in strength and power sports still believe that your mental state has no effect on your physical output and with this seminar it is explained how your performance and best results embed within your neurology and how to access that "ultimate performance" consistently time after time".

Emma, who is a 3 time World Power lifting champion and also having competed internationally bodybuilding and in strongwoman is a leading therapist and performance optimization coach. She has an extensive history in dealing with clients who suffer with the serious issues associated to these sports like addictions, body dysmorphia, bigorexia, anger management issues and the list goes on. As well as running a successful therapy practice in the UK and having worked with some of the top sports people across Europe including Paul Smith who successfully defended his middle weight belt 2 weeks ago, she also runs IronPsyche seminars in the UK, Iceland and the USA.

Emma James said "from the popularity and success of the therapy work I do and the performance optimization with clients I decided to add the seminars to the other courses I run. However, the interest and popularity already in them has been quite profound and I have been amazed at the level of enthusiasm in a sport which sometimes can be very behind the times in relation to performance methods."
She also stated "I get so annoyed when I see people claiming they do performance optimization work and sport psychology when they have never competed and never been there. I cannot condone any professional in the sports area who has never competed as they have no concept at all of what it takes, the problems and intricacies of the entire performance state. I don't care how well qualified someone is - they have no right to be there."

The outspoken therapist based in Manchester, herself is recovering from major shoulder surgery after taking another World Record and world title at the WPC World Championships in November and has major plans for continuing her success and regaining her title this year.

For full information about the IronPsyche seminars in the UK, Iceland and the USA take a look at


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