Iritrak Introduces Biometric Identification for Special Needs Children

NO CHILDREN LEFT BEHIND - ON SPECIAL NEEDS BUSES. After more than a decade of research and development and with the advancement of bio-metric technologies, Iritrak Corporation has developed the ideal ground-breaking safety and security solution for the real-time tracking of students and buses during daily transportation. The IRITRANS® system will provide school district's with real-time bus locations and much more importantly, the "specific identity of all students on-board" in any emergency.

​​​​Antelope Valley Schools Transportation Agency has concluded an extensive in-service trial test using biometric iris scanners on special needs buses to prevent tragedies like the recent death of an autistic student who was abandoned on his school bus. The application solution has been in research and development for over a decade. Students will biometrically (iris) scan identity as they board and exit the school bus. When the bus reaches the end of its daily route, the driver simply ends the route on the IRITRANS mobile device and if all students have not exited the bus, the device will give the driver a warning both visually and audibly and even the student names of the student or students purportedly still on the bus. Morris Fuselier, CEO (AVSTA) JPA states the IRITRANS system operated just as claimed and appreciates greatly the value of the many management tools available in the real-time and history reports.

“Lost or sleeping kids. It happens every year in many school districts nationally only we rarely hear about it,” IRITRAK president John DeVries said. “Kids left sleeping on a bus is at epidemic proportions nationally.” IRITRANS alleviates many other emergency events that happen during school transportation and knowing where a bus is located and the specific students on-board real-time is enormously important. Parents can also elect to receive text messages when their child boards or exits the bus arriving at school in the morning and at arriving home in the afternoon. IRITRAK affirms that the iris scans are “non-intrusive” with absolutely no health or identity security risks in the complete processes of enrollment and daily scanning on and off the buses.

System worked to perfection for real-time tracking of students and buses.

Morris Fuselier, AVSTA, CEO

Iritrak Corporation is a for-profit software development company based in Palm Desert California. The management of Iritrak has been researching and developing various prototypes of biometric technology including finger biometric technology for over 15-years for the purpose of tracking students and buses real-time. The IRITRANS system has been inducted into the Schools Excess Liability Fund “SELF” Risk Services Clearinghouse.

Schools Excess Liability Fund is a not-for-profit, joint powers authority governed by the membership and run by a full-time staff, dedicated solely to SELF and its members.  Founded in 1986 in response to a nationwide insurance crisis, SELF was the answer for schools and colleges that were suddenly unable to find excess liability coverage at an affordable price.  SELF represents approximately 3 million students and our members include K-12 school districts, community college districts, charter schools, county offices of education and regional occupational programs. Now on the cusp of celebrating its 30th anniversary, SELF is the premier and preferred excess liability solution for California’s public education community.

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