Irex and Intel Partner to Produce an Event Highlighting How AI Can Help Stop Child Trafficking

Irex can help locate some of the nearly 500,000 children go missing every year in the US

AI-powered security platform Irex recently partnered with the National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF) to tackle the present and rising global issue of human trafficking and child exploitation. With robust tracking and identification features, Irex will increase actionable intelligence across numerous data platforms and help law enforcement officials investigate and disrupt global trafficking networks to bring justice to victims worldwide.

Irex in partnership with Intel will host an event to discuss how they will create momentum with AI to save and protect humanity's most precious resource - our children.

This event will feature a speech by Amy Storer, Intelligence Analyst for Homeland Security Investigations, and a panel of human trafficking and illicit trade experts. Amy Storer is an Intelligence Analyst for Homeland Security Investigations in Miami, Florida. She has also worked at Washington D.C. Headquarters with collective experience at the National Targeting Center; the Tactical Intelligence Cell; the National Intelligence Watch; and the Office of the White House Liaison.

Other experts joining the panel are Kevin Metcalf, who is a former federal agent turned prosecutor. He is also the founder of the National Child Protection Task Force which brings together recognized experts in fields such as strategic legal applications, OSINT, cellular mapping and analysis, dark web investigations, and cryptocurrency to aid law enforcement agencies everywhere. Kevin has assisted with the recovery of numerous missing and exploited children and the identification and apprehension of sexual predators in multiple states.

Also joining the panel are Kevin Branzetti and David Luna. Mr. Branzetti is an ex-NYPD detective and expert in human trafficking. Mr. Branzetti has over 25 years of experience being involved with: criminal, financial, and terrorism investigations, cyber intelligence, human intelligence source development, intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination.

Mr. Luna is a former U.S. Diplomat and national security official, he is a globally-recognized strategic thought leader, and a leading voice internationally on trans-national threats, international affairs, geopolitical risks, illicit trade, and global illicit economies ("dark side of globalization") that fuel greater insecurity and instability around the world.

"Never has there been a more urgent time in history to utilize the powerful AI technology of Irex to tackle the global issue of human and child trafficking. We are thrilled to host this event to bring awareness and present promising solutions." - Gary Fowler

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