Iquickbooks Inaugurates Two New Offices for Providing Quickbooks' Help

The giant Quickbooks service provider IQuickbooks today inaugurated two new offices.

The giant Quickbooks service provider IQuickbooks today inaugurated two new offices. If the speculations made by the trade pundits of today are to be believed, the new move made by the company is to accommodate the demand of the growing number of the customers of Iquickbooks. In the recent past, it was constantly felt that the number of tech support professionals that the company has at present, are not able to fulfil the demands of the hundreds of customers. And hence to keep on providing the instant and quality support, the company might have decided to add two more office to its present list.

The auditorium, where the announcements of the new offices were made, was in the news since the recent past. The Who’s Who of the company were seen on and off in and around auditorium to shape the event. Today, right from the wee hours, the cavalcades of the imminent persons from all walks of life were seen making a beeline to the stadium. By the time it was 9:30 the auditorium was jam packed with the august crowd. As the news of the announcement had become viral, the correspondents of almost all the channels were present to take the live coverage of the announcement.

The entire ceremony was by and large successful.

Eldson, Thomas

The event started with the PowerPoint Presentation of the achievements of the company. All the invitees were seen glued to the screen watching it with rapt attention. Soon after the presentation, the Chief Marketing Officer emerged on the auditorium with folded hands. Thunderous clapping followed his appearance and the camera persons were seen jostling with each other in order to take a close snapshot. Some correspondents also started approaching the officer for asking him questions. Sensing the curiosity of the correspondents, the officer himself went to the media gallery and asked them to proceed with their questions.

A young correspondent asked him, "what is the purpose of introducing new offices, sir?", he said politely, our company has been providing remote Intuit Quickbooks Customer Support for substantial number of years. And we feel proud to announce that our customers have given us lots of love and this is the biggest asset that we have got so far. Since the number of customers calling us for their Quickbooks support had increased to a great extent, we decided to add two more offices. When another correspondent asked, "will there be the same Quickbooks tech support toll free number or you will be providing us another one?", he quipped,  as of now, the number will be the same.