IQ Medical is Embraced by Broadway's 'The Lion King' Dancers

Dancer Nicole Alvarez Uses Equinus Brace In Between Lion King Performances

IQ Medical’s "Equinus BraceTM" is a common treatment option for athletes suffering from Equinus, Plantar Fasciitis and related conditions. Recently, dancers from The Lion King on Broadway have begun using the brace to heal and prevent injuries in between performances. 

Nicole Alvarez has been a dancer for nearly 25 years and has been part of The Lion King on Broadway since 2002. She and her costars have experienced their fair share of foot, ankle and knee issues. “The Equinus Brace has relieved tension in my calves, which gives my ankles and Achilles more flexibility,” Alvarez said. After seeing Alvarez’s results, other performers from The Lion King began using the brace as well.

Using the brace for one hour per day has helped Alvarez and her costars stay loose and keep up with their physically demanding schedules. “Not only does this brace support my performance lifestyle it also provides support for the Pilates instructor lifestyle that I live. I can teach long hours and this brace is easy to put on when I go to rest,” she said.

Dancers often suffer from foot and ankle conditions such as Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains, tibial stress fractures, anterior ankle bone spurs and many others. “The extreme foot positioning, dance shoe gear, rigorous training and the physical demand of high-level dancing can predispose dancers to overuse injuries,” said Dr. Patrick DeHeer, creator of The Equinus Brace. 

Unlike other foot and ankle braces, The Equinus Brace extends above the knee, keeping the leg in full extension. This allows for a deeper stretch of the calf muscles and a shorter wear time. The Equinus Brace is designed to treat Equinus (abnormally tight calf muscles) and the 30+ conditions associated with it. 

“Many diagnoses [of dancers] are overuse injuries and, of that group, most have been associated with Equinus deformity,” said DeHeer. 

The Equinus Brace is currently available in adult and pediatric sizes. Most patients undergo 90 days of treatment, wearing the brace for one hour each day.

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