iPayables Thrives Due to Business Continuity Where Others Falter

iPayables onboarded a number of clients whose invoice process providers were unable to deliver invoice processing services during the crisis.

​iPayables, Inc. has seen great success with their business continuity plan amidst the coronavirus pandemic. “Business continuity has always been important to our clients and partners, so we’ve always had well-defined and tested continuity plans in place,” said iPayables CEO Ken Virgin. Since April, iPayables has been approached by a number of companies whose invoice processing providers were unable to deliver services.

As quarantines and stay-at-home regulations or advisements began issuing from various government entities, iPayables began moving operations over to the planned alternative working arrangements. Some aspects were fairly straightforward. Other parts of the plan became a little more challenging as international governments restricted travel, impacting planned delivery of computer equipment to smaller or at-home operation centers. However, proper planning and an amount of creativity prevailed, and operations continued uninterrupted. One customer said having iPayables through the pandemic “made it so employees could work from home and be safer” and that without iPayables “it would have been a nightmare.”

“We had already estimated a reduction in employee productivity, but we knew the drop was still not enough to impact service levels. We brought on additional resources during quarantine just to ensure we had sufficient bandwidth. I’m glad we did because it enabled us to help some new customers whose providers were not as prepared,” said Dan Brisco, Director of Services. In fact, for those specific services, iPayables increased transaction volumes 30%. That increase came by onboarding a number of clients whose providers were unable to provide invoice processing services during the crisis.

Commenting on the company’s growth during the pandemic, VP of Sales, Scott McKeon commented, “Large companies expect a certain level of service and reliability from their providers. It’s not much of a sales effort to woo customers away from a provider who can’t provide services. I expect anyone who had their provider fail on them is going to be looking for a more reliable alternative in the near future.” The iPayables systems and services have stayed active and unphased as they continue to serve current customers and help new customers. While few companies want to see their continuity plan in action, iPayables is grateful for the effectiveness they’ve seen in implementing their own.

About iPayables

iPayables is a pioneering leader in the automating of accounts payable departments, optimizing workflow and streamlining the invoicing and payables process. By using their advanced internet invoicing system, InvoiceWorks®, businesses can streamline the entire Procure-to-Pay process.

The world’s largest airlines and restaurant chain, as well as some of the world’s largest grocers, hospital systems, and manufacturers use iPayables InvoiceWorks® because of its functionality, flexibility, and unmatched value. iPayables provides unmatched tools such as dynamic workflow, purchase order matching, dispute resolution, and payment and dynamic discounting capabilities. To learn more about iPayables visit www.ipayables.com.

Source: iPayables, Inc.

About iPayables, Inc.

iPayables is a pioneering leader in the automating of accounts payable departments, optimizing workflow and streamlining the invoicing and payables process through the use of a supplier portal and hybrid digitization.

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