IPAF Training Courses Helping Towards HSE Campaign

Britannia Safety and Training a health and safety training company providing IPAF training near Norwich in Norfolk comment about the importance of the IPAF training course and how it can help workers be safe in the workplace.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) have announced that eradicating injuries caused by falls at height is one of the issues at the very top of their priority list for the construction industry. The figures for injuries and casualties following falls from height is remarkable, and it is plain to see that with relevant education and training the situation would certainly improve. There are a variety of courses available to those working at height including the IPAF training course, which works within the guidelines of the HSE and decreases the chance of an incident in the workplace.

The construction industry is one of the largest employers of people in the UK, with the current figures reaching a huge 2 million people. However, it is one of the most hazardous places to work which is why the HSE and many training course providers have been targeting this area in the hope that they may see the casualty statistics reduce, making a construction site, a safe and secure place of work.

Working at height is still the most common cause of workplace fatalities in the UK, and on average 50 people each year lose their lives this way. This statistic along with the fact that 87% of all major injuries are caused by 'low falls' (lower than 2m) is what spurs on the HSE to continue to campaign to make a difference.
The Work at Height Regulation of 2005 regulates any work where there is a risk of a fall which could possibly cause an injury. It is the duty of the employer, the site manager controlling the work or the self-employed to ensure that due care and attention is taken to ensure no injuries are caused. The regulation states that any work which falls under this category must be correctly planned and organised properly, involve competent people, risk assessed and use appropriate, maintained equipment.

As well as understanding the legislations it is important that it can be properly implemented and taking part on an IPAF training course will help you towards this goal. The IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment. The course is one of the most recognised and acknowledged Working at Height courses and is extremely respected in its field.

Colin Wright, Managing Director of Britannia Health and Safety who are the leading IPAF training provider in Norfolk has reinforced the importance of this type of training "When you consider these machines have extreme heights of 45mt and also that they are self-propelled, in other words driving at height, or fixed truck mounted machines in excess of 100m, you start to realise just how important training is". He goes on to say "People see the cost of training to be a hurdle which has to be overcome but we believe that training will enhance employee loyalty and increase productivity, machines can be better maintained to increase longevity and of course professionalism of use will increase PR value to any employer."

Colin's words back up the ideas and thoughts of the HSE, and really put into perspective the risks and hazards a worker can be dealing with when working at these sorts of heights.

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