IOS Slot Machine Monster Spin Comes with An Extended Gambling Concept

The iOS game "Monster Spin" for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad unites a traditional European slot machine with casual gaming concepts.

The app developer infovole - famous for their text processing suite "Textkraft" - today released the game "Monster Spin" for the Apple iPhone® and iPad®.

"Monster Spin" is a brand new gaming experience. It is a combination of a traditional German slot machine, casual gaming, game of skill and strategy. The story: Crazy space monsters conquered the solar system and make a lot of trouble. The player's mission is to beat the intruders accompanied by Space Cowboy Jack.

"With a typical slot machine the player is obtruded to a very passive role", says Marcel Uetzels, founder and CEO of the start up. "Nevertheless people love this kind of amusement. The colorful and bright machines have something magical; they satisfy the gaming instinct and they challenge us."

"Monster Spin" unites the allure of the classical slot machine with an interactive gaming concept. The player puts the symbols into the right position, climbs up winning ladders and collects monsters on the way. The monsters again activate a match-3 bonus game and extra points. By the way, cheating is welcome: The player has access to several cheats to beat the monsters.

Gambling with "Monster Spin" works without money. Also in terms of pricing infovole goes a new path. The free download doesn't force the player to permanent purchases. The user decides if he wants to buy some additions now and then to reach new levels, or to pay once for the full game.

"The idea of freemium gaming became a bit over the top and antagonized the consumers", says Uetzels about the business model. "We clearly decided to be fair towards the users and we believe that they will honor this."

"Monster Spin" is now available on the App Store as a free download for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

About infovole:
With 2 million downloads in 2013 infovole belongs to the most successful independent German developers for apps. infovole is based in Neuss, Germany and was founded in 2010. The main focus of the company is the development of mobile apps and creative app marketing.
The smart text processor Textkraft and the file manager MobiFolders are the most known apps of the popular productivity series of infovole.

iTunes App Store download link:

(~ 26 MB) Contains text, artwork, icon, logo etc.

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