iOS Road Trip App, Fotospot Officially Launching Today, Wednesday, July 12.

Introducing Fotospot, the first road trip app for iOS that focuses solely on "photo-worthy" tourist attractions.

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Looking for something to do this weekend? Considering a road trip but not sure where to go? Visiting a new town and don't want to miss that perfect photo? 

With over 2,600 curated attractions in all 50 U.S. States (plus Washington D.C.), Fotospot helps you discover amazing waterfalls, giant donuts (and one bagel), unique museums, film locations from your favorite movies and TV shows, scenic and historic locations, plus loads of other attractions featuring the wild, the wonderful, and the just plain weird. 

Fotospot also lets you save attractions so you can visit them later, suggest new spots, add photos and comments, check into existing attractions, compete on the leaderboard, and follow your friends' adventures.

Never miss another photo with Fotospot.

Erick Laubach 





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