IOG Products, LLC Plans to Boost Market Share With New Digi-Shock Line

Impact-O-Graph Devices, under the brand of IOG Products, LLC, introduces the next generation of digital shock and temperature recorders with breakthrough pricing.

IOG Products today announced their next generation of digital shock and temperature recorders. Featuring some of the fastest sampling rates in the industry, all three models have battery life in excess of 6 months. Perfect for longer missions or static monitoring applications. User definable parameters and downloadable data files eliminate the need for additional software in the transportation chain.

The new technical capabilities of the Digi-Shock line are constant across all three models offering almost unlimited event recording. The flagship XT version is housed in a professional grade aluminum case specified to IP67 for harsh environments.

“We benchmarked all the competitive products and completed customer focus groups to come up with this new range,” said Ron Ginther, Head of Operations in the Chatsworth CA factory. “Best of all, our new manufacturing processes and component sourcing has reduced the costs and selling price dramatically,” he added.

“We believe apples to apples, we have the best value price on the market. Our distributors are going to be thrilled,” commented Darryl Termine, VP of Sales and International Business Development.

Current and prospective users can take advantage of a limited time trial period prior to a purchasing decision.

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Impact-O-Graph Devices, under the brand of IOG Products, LLC, is a leading producer of innovative transportation monitoring solutions. Headquartered in Glendale, California, IOG Products, LLC has served the global business community for over 40 years. The company’s mission is to provide our clients with cost-effective, high-quality products enabling them to lower their incidence of damage in shipping, reduce replacement costs, create accountability and increase customer satisfaction. 


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Impact-O-Graph Devices, under the brand of IOG Products, LLC , has been a leading provider of innovative transportation and equipment monitoring solutions, serving the global business community for approximately 40 years.

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