Invite Birds to the Yard With This DIY Bird Feeder From Exmark

Build a backyard bird feeder with tips from landscape designer Doug Scott

For the Birds

For folks with a love of the backyard life, the sights and sounds of birds are a nearly unlimited source of entertainment, peace, and calm. Experts say one of the best ways to attract more birds to your yard is by adding bird feeders.

According to landscape designer Doug Scott, the growing popularity of birding has inspired more homeowners to invite birds into their backyard so they can enjoy them every day. Scott has partnered with Exmark on a new Done-In-A-Weekend Projects video that explores the different types of bird feeders and offers tips for the optimal mix and placement of bird feeders in the yard.

Some of the most common bird feeder types include tray-style feeders, house feeders, window feeders and tube feeders.

"I'm not going to recommend one type of bird feeder over another," Scott said. "But what I am going to suggest is that you consider the advantages of each type of feeder and choose a mix of them, so you can create the best birding experience in your backyard."

In the video, Scott demonstrates how to build a simple yet versatile wood bird feeder. Capable of being placed atop a pole, or hung from a tree branch or other support, Scott's DIY bird feeder is a great first step for aspiring bird watchers or an excellent supplement to existing feeders in a yard.

When it comes to feeder placement, Scott advises to consider your point of view, as well as the birds'.

"Try to find a place with less human activity and noise," Scott said. "Place your shelter near trees or shrubs, so birds will have a place to retreat if danger arrives."

Most importantly, Scott said it's essential to consider the birds' safety when placing a bird feeder. Never place feeders in areas where chemicals are regularly sprayed, or in places that could put birds on a collision course with windows or the home itself.

Visit the Exmark Backyard Life site to download free step-by-step instructions, as well as tool and material lists for the DIY wood bird feeder. While you're there, be sure to check out additional Done-In-A-Weekend Projects videos and other Exmark Original Series content, including Prime Cuts, Dream Yards and Living Rural.

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